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how do you deal with tension headache?

It's been well over 24 hrs now, I think my head might explode. DH doesn't come home till tomorrow, I need some home remedies so I don't have to lug kids to the store. Tylenol isn't helping at all. :( TIA

Re: how do you deal with tension headache?

  • sanbrysanbry member
    I had one for 3 days last weekend. Ice packs on my head and I had a little caffeine. Otherwise it just went on it's own:( Tylenol doesn't do anything for me so I didn't even bother.
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  • My ob told me peppermint oil on your temples today at my appt. I have had one for weeks now

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  • I just deal with it :( I would take tension headache medicine before I was pregnant because nothing else would work, so I don't even attempt to take Tylenol. Sometimes I will try a Coke and it helps a little
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  • Benadryl and Tylenol can help take the edge off. I typically do that with a hot pack. It didn't fix it but it makes it bearable for me.
  • Unfortunately I have been suffering all day everyday for a month now. It absolutely sucks and I feel for you. I have tried drastically upping my water intake, eating healthier and iron rich foods, caffeine, Tylenol, monitoring blood pressure, lowering stress, aroma therapy, neck massage, warm baths and rest. The only thing that seems to help me is lots of naps on the weekend and I lean back and take a cat nap in my office at lunch. If you try all the above and you are still experiencing them frequently it is most likely hormonal and your OB can put you on an Rx if needed. I am calling mine tomorrow.. It's hard to concentrate anymore. Best of luck!


  • Also, headaches are a major side effect of zofran if you are taking that.. Just an FYI.


  • I ice my head and drink a coke, and sometimes take an extra Tylenol. I normally take two, so I'd be taking three.
  • Ugh, I've been getting these a few times a week, and they're terrible. The only thing that helps me is sleep. Occasionally I'll try a few sips of soda, and the caffeine may help (I never drink/eat caffeine normally, so that tiny bit really does make a difference). Hope you get some relief soon!
  • Also, a cool and damp washcloth over my eyes can be helpful.
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  • Get a massage of your head, neck, and shoulders.
  • Im having it almost everyday of this week. I feel for you and just like what PPs said peppermint oil helps. DH gave me a shoulder and neck massage it helped a bit. Sleeping early and relaxing helps too but that is tricky with my toddler around ( the relaxing part ). Anyway i have a few sips to half a can of ice cold coke and that helps. Sometimes a light snack helps too

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  • Thank you everyone, good suggestions. Hubby will be home from his trip pretty soon so maybe at least he can massage my neck and shoulders. I went to bed early, but I still have some lingering pain that will probably get worse. :( I'm not taking Zofran, I got really bad headaches when I tried it years ago.
  • Usually wine lol but thats out:p so naps , chiropractor, acupuncture, massage, yoga.... Although me attempting to do yoga would likly cause me to get a tension headache and probably some type of injury lol
  • I had a wonderful chiropractor a couple years back who as basically able to pinpoint the spot where my tension headaches eminate from (I've got a vertabra in my neck that likes to randomly move out of alignment, they don't know what causes it or when it will happen) and was able to give me some massage techniques I can do myself to help deal with it.

    Given how often I'm getting the headaches now with the pregnancy (not all are from my neck but it still helps to massage it) I'm very very glad I know the technique.

    I agree with PPs with the cold damp cloth thing as well as a bit of caffine.  Talking to a massage therapist or chiro may also be helpful as both can usually tell you where the tension is eminating from and might have specific remedies that can help.


  • I second the coke idea. Sometimes a little caffeine is needed to kick start the Tylenol.
  • I feel for you I had a really bad migraine last week almost 36 hours!! Ice packs, low lights, cool temps., fresh air if it isn't too warm so at night, warm baths and lots of ice water. I already get up several times a night to pee I drink so much h2o but I've water seems to help. Good luck.

  • Thank you for all the suggestions. I had some coffee this morning and it seems to maybe be gone for now. I don't like/can't drink pop so if the coffee will do it, I'll be happy. I think I will try to pick up some peppermint oil.

    @ladyamanuet Thank you for all of those suggestions, I will have to write all of that down for next time or if it isn't really gone this time. I'm sure I can find the yoga online too. 
  • Chiropractor! I usually take motrin or advil, obvious no-no's now. My chiropractor has seen a lot more of me lately.
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