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Relationship Problems After A Loss

Am I the only one that is having relationship problems after a loss?I thought that after the loss of my daughter my husband and I would be closer but it seems to have pushed us apart.I almost feel as if he doesn't care as much as I do an he may feel that I am worthless to him now. He just up and left less than 2 months after my daughters death any advice? I really feel like I can't take not being with him it's like he left when I needed him the most.

Re: Relationship Problems After A Loss

  • My husband and I began to get very aggitated with one another about 3 weeks after our loss. I honestly think it was because we were healing in different ways at different times. He wanted to just forget and I wanted to hang on. We had to sit down and revisit the loss to help our relationship "get back to normal". I hope things straighten out for you soon. Xoxo
  • I don't think it's uncommon to have some relationship problems after a loss like this. I know that it has certainly been hard on my marriage. Part of it I feel simply comes from the fact that men and women tend to grieve differently. I was(and still am) very sad, whereas hubby tended to be more angry. I also noticed that he didn't want to be home much after our daughter died. It was too painful for him. I think the best, though hardest thing to do is just to be patient and supportive of each other, especially when one of you is having a tough day. Things will get more back to "normal" or rather a new normal, but it just takes time. Also, don't be afraid to seek help from a counselor or grief therapist if you feel that you guys need it. While we never went that route, I know many here have found it very helpful.
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  • We also had a rough patch after the death of our son. We would alternate being supportive of each other and glad to have an ally through everything and other times talking divorce. It is such a shock to your whole life, so I think it's normal to have some trouble. We've slowly come back to "normal", although neither one of us the same person we were before the loss.

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