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Work Policy venting...

One piece of great news before my venting...yesterday we had an appointment at 15 weeks and got to hear Baby's heartbeat again! That always makes me feel so happy, just to have a little bit of confirmation that everything is going alright!

And then I get to work today to learn that our Sick Leave policy has been changed...Our director and Board of Directors decided to add in that in the event of a birth of a child or an adoption, sick time and vacation time can be combined for a maximum of 6 weeks. All knowing that I am now about 4 months pregnant, this just really makes me mad that it is now specified. I have worked for a small non-profit in Maine with only 8 employees for 3 years now, and this feels really back-handed to me. I'll add that another employee gave birth in June, and was supposed to be on a 3-month leave. Some of it was combined sick time and vacation time, and some of it was unpaid. She then gave her notice that she would not be returning...so I'm wondering if this may have had an impact on their thoughts??

Any maybe I'm being ridiculous and over thinking this?!? But to change our policy now to specify the exact amount of time feels yucky to me...I haven't even had time to think about what I may want to take, but I can tell you, 6 weeks was the very very low end of that range. :( Feeling very sad about this...
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Re: Work Policy venting...

  • I'm sad for you. My first thought was FMLA allows 12 weeks, but you won't qualify with so few employees. I'm so sorry. :-(
  • 6 weeks for vaginal and 8 for c-section are what most women get unless they qualify for FMLA. I know that's all I am entitled to, and I will have to use short term disability and my sick/vacation time for this as well if I want to be paid.
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  • Pips09Pips09 member
    That really does suck that they would change it on you. Maybe you can ask to be grandfathered into the old policy, since you had already planned around it?
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  • That does not seem fair for them to change it on you!  I would be upset too.  6 weeks is not nearly enough time to be home with a new baby.  The US makes me so angry with how they handle maternity leave.  I would see if there is anyway to be grandfathered in to the old policy.  I am sorry, that really stinks!
  • bkmamabkmama member
    Ugh, all of this is so infuriating to me. Canadian/Australian/etc Bump ladies - I am jealous of you and also can I move to your city? 

    It does seem completely unfair that they targeted you personally with their policy change. That is so messed up. 

  • I would speak to my employer if I were you- if they know you are pregnant and changed this to affect you then yes you may have a case. Although as an attorney I can tell you that you will get a lot further by being direct, honest and respectful in this discussion than by threatening legal action- if being direct honest and respectful doesn't get you what you want then speak to an attorney , sometimes a letter from an attorney or a meeting with one will be enough for an employer to change it's policy- at least as to you since they changed it during your pregnancy and not before it. Good luck!
  • I would read the statutes for your state or consult an attorney.  I would also check your town to see if there are any daycares that will take a 6 week old.  Most daycares in my area take 12 week olds and up.  I would bring that up to your HR department to see what can be done so that you can have more time at home.

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  • Thank you for some great advice everyone. It is frustrating because it is a place I have invested so much time in and have had a lot of respect for the director, so I'm unsure how to approach it. I know for a fact at least most of the Board of Directors know, and she has known I am pregnant since I was 8 wks because my due date unfortunately lines up with one of our large fundraisers, so I wanted to give her plenty of notice...It is made harder because we don't have HR or anything due to it being such a small non-profit. It is solely her decision and the Board of Directors.
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  • Check your contract... does it detail the policy? If so, you are entitled to the leave laid out in your contract.

    I also agree with Calindi's advice 
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