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13 weeks. Feeling fat & miserable.

This has probably been spoken about a million times but I need to vent. I'm 13 weeks (JUST squeezing into the Jan group by 2 days) and feel fat. I was very body conscious pre-pregnancy & lost a significant amount of weight. I'm all belly weight at the moment but it's just fat rolls and making me feel awful.

If I try to say anything all I get it - oh but what your body is doing is marvelous or you'll loose it next year. I am so so thankful for this pregnancy and an aware that my body is an awe inspiring machine. That still doesn't stop a teary mental breakdown in the change room at myer.

Re: 13 weeks. Feeling fat & miserable.

  • I feel the same way too. But my motivation is after the baby ill be a sexy mama!
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    Sorry you feel that way.

    Hang in there! Hopefully you'll feel better and more confident when you start to look really pregnant. The 6-20 week "fluffy/squishy" stage is not that fun.
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  • I agree and feel some days I just look fat... To make it worse I want nothing to do withy hubby and he read somewhere women feel sexier preggers... Not this one... Causing so many fights...
    I walk everyday and that helps bc I feel a little better especially after... Hope you're feeling better soon
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    I am 16 weeks and have a small build so I have been showing since about 8-9 weeks now and I just feel like a stuffed teddy bear! My belly has nowhere to go but out and it is REALLY noticeable. My husband smiles at me and says I look great (probably just because he has wanted kids for several years now, and my boobs are even bigger) but it still doesn't make me feel better, let alone sexy. It has definitely put a damper on things in the bedroom. 
  • You're not alone, I feel the same. I had DS 9 months ago and started that pregnancy overweight and gained about 25 lbs with him. Fast forward and I'm pregnant with #2. I had never lost all the weight from #1 so this pregnancy started off even heavier! I've felt like a beached whale and am pretty depressed over it, but I've already started making plans to lose it next year and I'm kind of motived and psyched about that.

    Also, I recently made the switch back into some of my maternity clothes now that the pregnancy is finally out at my job. I find that embracing my tummy and not trying to hide it makes a HUGE difference in how I feel. Before I was wearing baggy shirts and thinking everyone was looking at me wondering why I was "letting myself go", but now they just see a belly with a baby in it... not wondering what THEY are thinking makes ME feel so much better, too.

    And maternity clothes are soooooooooo comfy :)



  • Why don't you slowly start excercising again? I don't think making plans for future fitness is right for everyone. I am a big advocate for getting and staying fit now. I was feeling really bloated after the first trimester (due to eating a lot and not excercising because of fatigue). Around 13 weeks I went back to the gym SLOWLY and signed up for yoga classes. I also started watching what I was eating and substituted gluten free and healthier products when possible... GLUTEN contributes to bloat. If we pregnancy ladies (those with high weight gain tendency and body consciousness) don't take care of our bodies now, then we are going to be at high risk for depression once the baby arrives and life gets even more hectic. Bottom line- do what makes YOU feel good and stay strong!! You AND your baby needs it. (And the stronger you feel, the more comfortable you will feel with the growing belly).
  • I hear ya. Honestly, I feel like I just started to feel like that about a week ago. All of sudden my pants don't button and my stomach just feels gross and huge! Yuck!
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    I think finding a body-positive activity for your pregnancy is a great idea... I loved prenatal yoga personally. I would leave the class feeling like I got a nice stretch/workout and they incorporate narratives about the life you are growing inside, and the work your body is doing, so it was a really nice boost to my week
  • Thanks girls :) I think it's just a hard transition because 3 months ago I was training 6 days a week and really taking care of things. Insert awful nausea, crazy fatigue and the ability to only eat bland foods has sent me crazy.

    The nausea & fatigue have started to back off so time to start looking after me again :) thanks xx
  • I'm feeling this today. I remember being asked twice if I was pregnant a long time ago and getting so mad because I was just fat. Now, I have been noticing like everywhere I go people are staring at my belly. And I know they're wondering, but not asking. I appreciate that it is totally rude to ask, but I just want to wear a sign or something because now that I am pregnant and a lot of this is the baby, I want them to realize I am pregnant not just fat. Ha


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  • Its so hard, i was overweight with my first and hated how i looked because i did not look pregnant for a very long time!! 

    i've worked hard to get my weight down but of course i've already gained some and its all in the tummy area/bloat and i feel and look huge. BUT i have decided it is what it is, and this time im going to love myself and embrace not holding it in! im gonna have to loose weight no matter what, might as well be happy this time and enjoy it, since its going to be my last.

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    I have these days as well. I keep hearing "when I popped" or "I popped" can someone help me understand what this exactly means and when can I expect it, I'm feeling left out. :-)

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  • Me too! What does that mean??? Does all the squish disappear????
  • When you pop you can no longer bend over lol at least i couldnt! Mine did the first time around, i was prolly around 200 pounds when i "popped" n became hard tummy. That was at about 6-7 months i guess?

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