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OBGYN & Hospital Choices in Charlotte, NC

Advice needed! I have been going to Charlotte OBGYN in Huntersville and have been overall happy with them. However, when I went there just a few weeks ago to confirm that I was pregnant I was told that they deliver at CMC-Main, uptown. I was really hoping to have the baby at Presby in Huntersville since that's so close to where we live. I've since made an appointment at Huntersville OBGYN per the recommendation of some ladies at work because they DO deliver at Presby H-ville. HOWEVER, after asking a family member who works in the medical field here in CLT and doing some online research... I'm finding some really terrible reviews on Huntersville OBGYN. Can anyone share some insight? I'm a FTM - should I travel the 25 minutes to CMC-Main and stick with Charlotte OBGYN or take a chance on Huntersville OBGYN for convenience purposes??


THANKS! :):)

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  • I never been to Huntersville-OBGYN, however if you have concerns about the reviews, I'd say traveling the extra minutes may very well be worth it. CMC-Main has some pretty good ones and the staff seems friendly. I wish you all the very best in your decision. Have a great day.
  • I'm a patient at Charlotte OBGYN too.  Been going to the uptown office for 4 years and just moved from southend to indian trail.  I am sticking with them.  I actually want to delivery at CMC main.  They are ranked in the state and nationwide in many fields.  They are the only level 4 NICU in the area (I am not high risk but its good to know).  I told them my concern at being farther away now.  I'm about 30 mins. and they said it was not a problem at all.  They have patients from all over NC and SC.  They said that there would be plenty of time getting to the hospital.  I like the room-in at CMC main. The baby sleeps in the room with you! I love charlotte OBGYN as they have so many offices I can go to and a great staff.  Many of the doctors have been on the best of list for years.  I don't even mind going to the Main office for appts either.  I have really enjoyed meeting all the drs so far.  @ejadawson12 how far along are you?  I'm 10wk 4days today EDD is 2/16/15.  Praying for no snow!!
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  • Thanks for the insight lades! I am still struggling with the decision but I think I am going to at least go meet the Dr. at Huntersville OBGYN tomorrow for my first ultra sound. I am 7 weeks 5 days! Really looking forward to tomorrow to get the reassurance that everything is going well and is on track!
  • I would meet with the doctors to check. The good news is that you have plenty of time to make a decision.

    My doctor is at CMC main and I'm delivering there. We had our tour last week and I am really excited...the rooms are nice, the nursing team has been drastically improved since when I started going there 9 years ago, and they are very focused on taking care of mother/baby supporting whatever plans you have. Good luck!
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