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Two Showers in different states within 3 weeks of each other...registry help!

My mom is throwing a shower in FL for my family and my friends who still live in FL. My MIL is throwing a shower in MA, where we live, for my husbands family and our friends located there. I wanted to have just one registry using Buy Buy Baby but unfortunately there inst one very close to my family and friends in FL. I have opted to include either Target or Baby Outlet for them. 

How do I create my registries? Do I just duplicate items on both and let people choose which store they would prefer to shop at? Or do I use one registry for one shower and one registry for the other? The shower in FL will be the second weekend in September and the shower in MA will be sometime in October so I think they are too close together to try and remove duplicates from both registries after the FL shower has happened.

Thoughts/Suggestions?? Please help!

Re: Two Showers in different states within 3 weeks of each other...registry help!

  • I would create two registries (one for each location/shower) but not duplicate items.  If some really key items are not purchased for your first shower, you can add them at the last minute to the second registry (some people only shop the day before anyway).

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  • Are there any stores in common in both areas?  If so, I'd try to register for the majority of items there, even if it's not your "preferred store."  After that, if you wanted to register at a second store that's location specific, go for it and just pass that information along to the people near that store. 

    Also, just a thought - People may end up buying the items from your registry at other stores or give you other things altogether.  We had registered at BBB and Pottery Barn Kids, and I received gifts from Amazon (generally less expensive than BBB), from Walmart/Target (probably picked up while they were there anyway), and quite a few that weren't on my registry at all from various places (Kohl's, JCP, etc.).  It's just a list of suggestions for your guests (kind of like a Christmas list from when we were kids).



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  • create two registries and give the option to both parties. since one shower is in florida and one in massachusetts, chances are those in florida will have the item shipped to you so you do not have to worry about packing, shipping, and/or driving it back.  so with that, they may choose the other location. i had two showers, both in different states. i created one registry, even though the store was not in both states. if you didn't want to do two stores, you could do one and the other amazon. if you make the amazon one a wish list, it will stay up until you close it, which is great (at least for me!)


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