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Do I invite the women my husband knows?

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I am composing the guest list that my hostess requested of friends I would like invited to my shower. My DH has female co-workers and a couple LD friends that have said they want invited to the shower. My shower is not co-ed nor will DH attend. Am I supposed to invite these co-worker women that I've only met maybe a handful of times at company functions? DH does not hang out with these people outside of work and so I don't really know them. Or invite the LD friends that I've met once a few years ago? TIA!

Re: Do I invite the women my husband knows?

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    No, I wouldn't invite them. I personally find it odd and a bit of a stretch.
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  • I wouldn't and if they asked I would tell DH to tell them that the hosts wants to keep it small and close friends and family only.  

    Who knows, maybe the co workers will throw him an office shower.
  • A shower is for YOUR closest friends and family, so while it is certainly sweet that your husband's galpals are showing an interest, I wouldn't invite them. They should totally understand. I think a lot of women automatically say "Oooh when's the shower?!" when they hear of a pregnancy, just because they are excited, but without much actual expectation.
  • If I got an invite to a shower for one of DH's coworkers, I'd feel like it was a gift grab.  Ditto for one of his friends that I was not close with. 

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  • I guess it depends on which is more awkward for you...Having people you don't know well at your shower, or dealing with them asking why they weren't invited. Since they expressed interest in coming, I don't think it looks gift grabby to invite them. Regardless, in my experience someone always gets forgotten (1 person for my bridal shower and 1 from my baby shower so far have complained they weren't invited). So you may have the latter awkwardness regardless! lol
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    This, to me, goes back to the basic idea that this is a shower, NOT a wedding. Showers aren't "invite everyone you know AND from both sides" events. They are meant to be closer, personal events. Even if you were having a co-ed shower, I still wouldn't invite coworkers who I never socialize with.
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  • I invited a wife of one of my coworkers to my shower, but we socialize as part of a larger group outside of work.  That being said, I didn't invite any of the other wives since I'd met them over the years enough to make polite conversation, but not well enough to call them friends.  I also didn't invite some coworkers that I don't see outside of work.

    Personally, I use the "Do you see them outside of work at least semi-often?" as the test for occasions like that.




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  • If they expressed interest I don't see anything wrong with it. 

    If you aren't sure, maybe ask DH what he thinks since he knows them better?
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    MrsDoff said:
    If they expressed interest I don't see anything wrong with it. 

    If you aren't sure, maybe ask DH what he thinks since he knows them better?

    But did every one of them REALLY express interest in coming or did one person say "I want to come!" and the others were just kind of like "oh yeah sure" when they maybe really don't care? This is why I still say "no". I doubt that they ALL really have a burning desire to be invited to a shower for the wife of one of their coworkers. As others said, if these women REALLY want to, they can throw him a shower at work.
  • I would really depend on how good of friends they are and if i knew them socially or not.
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