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South Jersey Fertility and over 35?

Just looking for folks who might be starting at SJF and are over 35.

Re: South Jersey Fertility and over 35?

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    I had just turned 35 when I went to SJ Fertility. I did 3 IUI/Clomid cycles with them and did not get pregnant. I went to a consult after my 3 failed iui's and they recommended IVF. Honestly, their stats for IVF wasn't the best, so I switched clinics. I had success with my 1st IVF with RMA NJ.
    TTC since May/June 2012 
    Sept 2013 testing:
    SA #1 Low motility (17%) 
    SA #2 Lower sperm count, but much higher motility
    CD 3 Bloodwork and ultrasound - Normal HSG - Clear tubes 
    Oct/Nov 2013 Cycle 1 with RE 50 mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI BFN  
    Nov/Dec 2013 Cycle 2 with RE 50 mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI BFN 
    Jan/Feb 2014 Cycle 3 with RE 50 mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI BFN 
    2/20/14 Follow up consult RE recommends IVF with ICSI 
    3/10/14 New patient consult with RMA NJ 
    3/11/14 AMH and other Bloodwork to prep for IVF with ICSI at RMA NJ
    3/28/14 Saline Sonogram - All good
    March/April 2014 IVF #1 Antagonist Protocol
    4/16/14 ER 26 Retrieved!!!
    4/17/14 Fert Report 22 Mature 21 Fertilized w/ ICSI
    4/22/14 Report #2 15 BLASTS
    5/24/14 FET!!!  (Transferring 2 snowflakes)
    6/2/14 Beta #1 575!!! :)
    6/4/14 Beta #2 2060!!! :)
    6/11/14 1st Ultrasound...Saw 2 Gestational Sacs!!  Beta #3 34,312!!! 
    6/18/14 2nd Ultrasound...Heartbeats!! Baby A 112bpm Baby B 117bmp <3 Beta #4 172,080!!!
    6/25/14 3rd Ultrasound...Heartbeats!! Baby A 150bpm Baby B 158bpm <3 Beta #5 232,134!!! 
    7/3/14 4th Ultrasound...Heartbeats!! Baby A 173bpm Baby B 162bpm <3 Beta #6 269,228!!!
    Graduated from RMA!!  First appt with OB 7/8/14

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  • oooo! Thanks for the reply, wasn't sure anyone would see my post!
    I'm going right for IVF/ICSI as the issue is vastectomy.  I feel confident in the Doctors at SJF as we all knew it would be IVF/ICSI going in. Their stats seemed ok to me. What caught your eye with their stats I am not seeing?  If all goes well I won't be a mama until I am 40. Little worried about social stigmas.....
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  • Just seeing this now; hopefully you've started your treatment and all is going well! I'm not over 35 yet but had DOR. We only knew about our male factor issues when we started out and then learned about my ovarian reserve issues. I didn't feel they handled my DOR very well and didn't learn until after my IVF cycle that 35+/DOR is not their strength, so after that we went to Cooper and I finally have my son.

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    Finally expecting our miracle in June 2014 after 3 m/c and infertility
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