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Nt scan done!

had my nt scan today was not given any numbers but hes very active nasal bone is as it should be and i got to watch him for almost 2! Hours! Since he wouldnt behave for the measurements or stay still at all it took 3 rounds and plenty of walking around time before we got what we needed and a decent pic! Altogether it took about 3 hours for it all to be done. placenta is posterior which explains why i fell him moving all the time. Well that and he is hyper and this is my 4th. Due date has been changed from jan 31 to feb 1st but i think im going to stay with you january moms if thats ok since i always deliver 3.5-2 weeks early anyway . First pic was round one wouldnt stay still. Second pic is from round 3

Re: Nt scan done!

  • Cute, so happy you enjoyed your scan! I just had mine done yesterday too. The u/s tech didn't say anything, but I'm pretty sure the placenta is anterior from watching the u/s. I'm still feeling movement, but in kind of odd places. That would probably be why. Due Jan 25th with my 4th as well! 
  • Congrats! ehhh you don't want to go over to the Feb 2015 crew...they haven't even made it through their 1st trimester...Stay with us!

    I hope everything pans out well from your test results! :D

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  • Tks ladies! I do want to stay i was already at the back of the pregnancy bus with this crew anyway so one more day wont hurt and theybsaid my results should be in on friday thats not too bad
  • Congrats!!!!  Fx for great test results!
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  • I just did mine two days ago still waiting for blood result thou and my placenta is anterior
  • Im still waiting too! But i seen him he looks good to me so im not in a hurry to get the results and its not going to matter bc in head over heals in love with him :x
  • Congratulations!
  • Congrats! Great pics too.  I would love a two hour ultrasound :)

    It was amazing! Never have i been able to watch then for that long and hes such a person in there! He loves jumping! And i even got to watch him nap which they woke him up from and then he turned his butt to the camera and ty @BookitBoo‌ :)
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