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Milk Protein Allergy & Yogurts?

My LO has been on Neocate since 8 weeks for his milk protein reaction.  His GI specialist instructed me to place him on soy formula at 9 months.  Soy bothers his stomach, so I'm sticking it out with the Neocate.  
My question is, "Has anyone had any luck trying yogurts, frozen yogurt, etc...?  Anything of the sorts."  He does well with the baked goods (except for cheese items like goldfish / cheese crackers) so far.  Just looking for something else to start with....  He will be a year August 25th.  We had a blood allergy test conducted recently, and the panel was clear!  Sooo I hope to try eggs and peanut butter too. (not together, of course).  

Re: Milk Protein Allergy & Yogurts?

  • casey78 said:
    I'm pretty new here too, so not much advice. Out blood panel results just came back indicating the milk allergy had resolved. I am still bf, so I tested by eating a bit of cheese. By the next day, we had rash and hours of screaming overnight. Apparently, clear blood test means the scary allergy part is gone. But, it's still possible to have an intolerance.

    Our allergist just suggested trying little bits here and there to see how she tolerated. So far, no luck for us. 
    I think you and I are in the same boat.  All is trial and error.  Let me know if you have success with anything (if you get the chance)!  
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  • My DS3 has a milk soy protein intolerance and we weren't able to introduce yogurt until past his 3rd birthday...we tried but it would upset his stomach.  Good news is he's about to turn 4 and can handle almost all dairy products except straight milk, he doesn't like it and won't drink it, which is alright with us. 

    Here is some good info on transitioning to milk and milk products after 1yr :

    HTH!! Good luck :)
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  • My 9yo has a severe milk allergy which results in anaphylaxis. I would not try yogurt, but I guess it depends on the severity of the allergy. Ask your doctor.
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