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How Early?

For those of you who have been pregnant, how early did you start feeling symptoms? I recently got off birth control and my period is due in less than a week, I think. I wasn't keeping good track of it this month, meaning I'm not sure when I ovulated. All I know is that For the last 2 weeks I have been a mess. I have constant headaches and nausea. It seems like I am crying most of the time and I'm quite irritable. I wake up starving and have been eating a lot more during the day. I have noticed that for the last 4 days or so I have had a LOT of creamy cervical fluid. Also I am peeing much more and more often than normal. That's not a normal for me this close to my period. My significant other has noticed my mood changes as well. I also just noticed that my areolas are darker than usual. I guess what I'm asking is if it's possible for me to be having these symptoms this early? Oh, and this would be my second pregnancy. I had a miscarriage a little over a year ago.
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