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What's your favorite body wash/shampoo for yourself?

I'm looking for a new brand of shampoo/body wash. I was using Cleure but the bottles are small and expensive. Any good brands that won't break the bank? If you know ewg rating please include. Thx!

Re: What's your favorite body wash/shampoo for yourself?

  • dmsmthdmsmth member
    I make my own

    Shampoo with dr bronners, vegetable glycerine and water.

    Body wash with coconut oil, dr bronners and almond oil
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  • I use goat milk soap for hair and body. I even shave with it. I buy it at my local farmers market but I think they sell online too. Red Clay Soaps out of Travelers Rest South Carolina
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  • We also use Dr. Bronner's most of the time and love it! 

    In addition, I recently picked up a 2-pack of The Honest Company's body wash/shampoo combo at Costco and really like it so far for washing both hair and body. 
  • We use Dr. Bronner's for EVERYTHING--shampoo, body-wash, liquid dish soap, dog bath. We love that stuff!
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  • I love the Kiss My Face products - they have a gorgeous range of scents for the shower gels and their shampoo and conditioner smell of donuts! (Well they do to me, they aren't advertsed like that :)) )
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  • I like dr bronners and the shi kai bodywash in honeysuckle.  I also use goats milk soap from the farmers market :)

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  • Love Alba products! 
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  • Dr Bonner's for soap. Fundamental Earth Shampoo and Conditioner - first natural shampoo I came across that had nothing questionable in it - and it is amazing. Intelligent Nutrients for face wash, though it is pricey.
  • Another vote for Bronner's as a body wash/use for everything else wash. I will say, though - I have a pixie cut, and still find it a little drying to use as shampoo. I tend to co-wash on hair days, and I like the Kiss My Face Everyday Conditioner. Smells like lime - one of the few citrus smells I can tolerate right now :)
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  • I wish they sold Dr. Bonners here in South Korea. Anyone know of a site that sells them internationally?
  • I tried Dr. Bronners and it left my hair feeling sticky and weird and left a film in my sink and shower. I even had it diluted quite a bit and hated it. What did I do wrong? Are bars better than the liquid? My husband uses the bars and likes it. The liquid was awful.

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  • I tried Dr. Bronners and it left my hair feeling sticky and weird and left a film in my sink and shower. I even had it diluted quite a bit and hated it. What did I do wrong? Are bars better than the liquid? My husband uses the bars and likes it. The liquid was awful.
    Do you have hard water? Some products just don't do very well in hard water, I'm just beginning to learn about this myself ...
  • I use Sappo Hill natural unscented oatmeal soap. I spent ages looking for a body wash free of harmful chemicals but I just couldn't find one. Sappo Hill attracted my attention because the unscented variety actually has no fragrance (surprisingly rare!) and I could pronounce and recognise all of the ingredients! It's all the same stuff I used when I made my own soap, without having to make my own soap. Besides, it's named for the hill in Ancient Rome where the cleansing properties of lye mixed with fat were first discovered! Bonus!
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  • I also use Dr. Bronners and LOVE the products especially the bars!
  • I am planning to use Honest Co. for my little girl when she arrives...but I love it for my own shampoo now! I would love to make soaps at home though...does anyone have tutorial guides on how to make it? 

    I've got to try Dr. Bronners! 
  • This past year, I’ve been on a crazy hippie  journey to eliminate toxic products from my life. Now, I’m excited to say that all of my body care items are homemade and non toxic. 

    My DIY Honey Shampoo 
    Raw honey  
    Filtered water  
    A few drops of essential oils, such as carrot seed oil
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  • breanamsbreanams member
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    I use Body Silk. They have this AMAZING Pear Raspberry scent that absolutely blows my senses! Haha! I close all the windows so the steam traps the smell all around me while I shower! It's only $6.59 for a bottle! I love it! I go through like 1 bottle a month! Haha well that's because I'm constantly showering too! Humidity in Hawaii blows!!  


  • I use Dr. Bronner's for body wash and shaving. However, for everything else regarding personal care products, I have been using Ava Anderson Non Toxic products. I love them so much that I started selling them - and they are expanding to add new products all the time. It's quite a phenomenal company if you have time to look into it in terms of their mission and startup story. I'm also happy to answer any questions about them. You can look online at www.avaandersonnontoxic.com/carissadube. 
  • I like Alaffia bodywash and shampoo.  I've found them on amazon.com before.  They're local to me in WA State, so my health food store stocks it. 
    I also really like their Everyday skincare like.  16oz for $9, simple ingredient list, made with fair trade ingredients and part of profits go to teaching safe childbirth programs in developing countries.
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