January 2015 Moms

Thankful Thursday

Here we go again :)

3 NBR things about yourself that you're thankful for.

2 family things you're thankful for.

1 random thing you're thankful for.


Re: Thankful Thursday

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    3 things about myself:
    -I'm kind.
    -My eyes.
    -I can start & hold a conversation.

    2 family things:
    -That my great grandma is still alive, in good health, & is a great great grandma.
    -How close we all are. Even tho I have family spread out all over the country.

    1 random thing
    -Naps. I love naps.
  • 1. My Mom Came Over To Help Me Fold Clothes. Im Not That Good At Folding But I Can Wash All Day
    2. LA Hair Is Awesome - I Want Some Red Velvet Cake Now
    3. We Are Finally Done Potty Training!
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  • 3 things about myself:
    -my eyes
    -my red hair
    -my big heart

    2 things about my family:
    -DH weeded my garden
    -snuggles with my cats

    1 random thing:
    -I have a roof over my head

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  • Myself:

    Very close
    Large and mostly functional

    My dogs. I love my fur babies.
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