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Montessori Preschool - Are We Ready?

So. My dd is going to start preschool soon with a montessori school. I am kind of worried about how she will do there. I really want her to have a Montessori foundation for later learning (we are a military family and will be moving around a lot, there's no guarantee she will be able to go to Montessori schools in the future, but for now I think its perfect for her) but I am not sure if I am ready as a mom. 

Some of the things I've read say that kids do better in a Montessori school if they have a Montessori home. One site mentioned all wooden toys, little to no tv, etc. I'm kind of worried about this. I don't have a clue where to start. I just try to be the best mother I can, and I have no clue where to start with having a Montessori home. 

I feel lost. Advice would be appreciated. 

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Re: Montessori Preschool - Are We Ready?

  • We live a very average lifestyle (any toy LO receives, some TV (2 hours or less), etc. And DD has attended Montessori pre-school since 20 months of age. She has done just fine. :) I say go for it!
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  • @ClaryPax‌ I'm loving that blog!!! So many awesome ideas!! :D
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  • Love when parents want to support the classroom environment! You can implement montessori activities and expectations in your home easily. Such as making them responsible for taking out and putting away things. Caring for their room. Helping with food preparation serving and tidying. Helping with chores. Or depending on age have chores.

    Also. You can set up their play area to reflect the set up of a classroom. Small baskets with toys. Neat clean shelves and rotate toys. Only taking one toy out at a time. Using a table or floor mat. Buy purposeful toys for your child and show them how to use them properly.

    One thing though is that you don't need to have montessori materials if your child is in a montessori classroom environment. Allow them to explore other toys and activities at home as the child won't want to do the activities at home or school if they are in both places.

    I could go on but there's a start. Good luck :)
  • My daughter is going to Montessori next year. Were all about some screen time and I don't plan to change that. However I think a key aspect of Montessori is letting kids do things for themselves. Respecting their humanity and rights as individuals, and part of that means holding them accountable for things like cleaning up after themselves. Putting things where they can reach them and do things for themselves, etc.
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