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Move to Charleston area...?

Hi! I'm curious about the Charleston area and what it has to offer. We've visited Charleston about 2 years ago and I just loved it. We currently live in southern NJ, right outside of Philadelphia. We've lived here all of our lives but family and friends are starting to move to other places and we would like to move within the next 5 years also. NJ is really expensive and the schools are full of heroine and cocaine, which is another reason for moving to a different area. I'm a little concerned about the job market down there, I am an RN working in a surgical center and my husband is a CPA working in Philadelphia. I was wondering how the taxes are in the area? How are the schools? Is there a lot of violence or drug use in the high schools? Is there a decent job market for accountants and nurses? Overall, I'm just looking for a safe area with young families and children for my kids to grow up with. Thanks for the help! ~ Megan
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