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this is a test...

*because I am not 64+ weeks pregnant 

and I changed my name- 


Re: this is a test...

  • I still see the old name.

    And the 64 weeks pregant.........

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  • does it say the new name

  • Loading the player...
  • does it say the new name

    I see your new name at least.
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  • EsthiEsthi member
    valigrl21 said:

    Hate to break it to you, but your still 64 weeks pregnant and 2 days. Maybe you should try some castor oil? And spicy food. And pineapple. Try all the ways to induce labor. Except walking and ST because at 64 weeks pregnant, it's not possible. 

    You make me laugh !!!
  • I hate this! 

  • Could be worse- apparently I'm 67 weeks pregnant after a couple attempts to change it. Sorry if I'm threadjacking but this seems like an appropriate place to express siggy changing confusion.
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    Miscarriage 3/15 at 10 weeks
    BFP 7/23/15 EDD 4/3/16

  • ccip82 said:
    Who were you??

    All these new names are confusing the shit out of me....
    Agreed. Too many new names at once. There are also a lot of new people, so I just assume when I see a different name that it's a new person.
  • I haven't really been active on TB since my LO was born, but I like to pop in every now and then

    Hello, my name was babykezar... I am 64 weeks pregnant and look damn good. 

    mrspadfoot,  what do you mean "new" way...  I have NOTHING in my signature field and yet, my siggy shows those tickers

  • why can I change my SN and avatar, but can't get rid of my siggy!!!! 


  • oohhhhhhh shit!!! it's gone nowimage

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