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Paying a catsitter?

H and I are going away for 4 days. Our landlord's 12 year old daughter is going to take care of the cats. They live upstairs so her parents won't have to bring her anywhere to do it. We have two cats and she'll be coming downstairs once a day to top up their food and water and check the litter box. Our cats are both quite timid and probably won't even come out when she's here so we don't expect her to hang around and play with them or anything. I also told her if she knows she's going to be too busy to come down one day she can just leave extra food/water and skip a day if she needs to (I doubt she will).

Question: what would you pay for this? I don't want to be cheap but I also don't want to go overboard because we'd like to have her care for the cats again when we go out of town in the future and don't want to set a crazy precedent! Is $20 fair? Or is that cheap? That would amount to $5 each time she comes down. It'll take her maybe 10 minutes TOPS each visit (probably more like 5) unless the cats come out and she decides to play with them for a bit (which we don't expect but she is welcome to do if she wants to). Thoughts? I don't mind paying more I just have never had a pet sitter before and don't really know what's typical.

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  • I think that is a fair amount! I'd do it for $5 a day :) Have fun!

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  • That sounds fair to me.

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  • I think that is a fair amount! I'd do it for $5 a day :) Have fun!
    Thanks @precious72381 ! We're traveling for my brother's wedding so I'm really excited. I see my parents and siblings a few times a year but It's very rare for all 4 of us to be together at the same time. It's been a few years since it's happened so I'm stoked!
  • We pay $5/ visit for our neighbor girls to feed the cats. It seems fair, maybe even a bit generous since it's like 15min of work.
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  • My sister used to watch our neighbors' cats. They gave her 5$ a day. I always thought it was more than fair.
  • That sounds fair to me. We have paid licensed cat sitters $15-20 for a half hour visit, but that also covers their travel time and overhead business costs.

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  • Agree with everyone else! Sounds fair!


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  • Awesome, thanks ladies!
  • We pay our cat sitter (professional) $12 per visit. This is for 2 cats (3 at one point) with minimal needs. If they had more needs, she charges a bit more, but caps out at $20 a visit I think.
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