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How many times do u put LO down for a nap unsucceasfully before giving up? Or for how long? Im going on 90 minutes of trying!!

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  • If the nap has been unsuccessful for 60 minutes, I stop and carry about our routine as if he had napped (change, feed, play) until he shows sleepy signs and then I start again.

    This exactly. We are following the Sleep Lady's techniques and this is what she suggests.
  • I was just wondering about this as I sit here listening to my LO babble on the monitor. She's been in her crib 20 mins now just rolling around, babbling. I don't know how long to leave her there if she's not crying or upset.
  • About 30 minutes then if she hasn't fallen asleep I put her in the ergo and go about my day. She will usually fall asleep within minutes. If she doesn't fall asleep within an hour I take her out and try again when she shows tired signs next.

    If it is her last nap of the day, if she's not asleep by 6:30pm we skip it all together. She goes to bed for the night at around 9pm.
  • For naps, if she doesn't go down within 5 minutes I pick her up and carry on with our day. Then I will try again in about half hour or so.
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