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Does anyone coupon?

Curious if anyone coupons, and has some experience?

I used to coupon a lot, but only did it in a way where I followed Krazy Coupon Lady and just went to Target and Walgreens for groceries.  She doesn't do anything local - Tops or Wegmans - so that's why I shopped at Target.  I'm wondering if i should try couponing at Tops, but I am not sure where the best deals would be.  Hoping someone has experience that could tell me if switching to Tops would be more beneficial.  I do like Target in that I am now proficient in couponing there, and I like between all of the gift cards I get back and saving 5% each trip, I feel like I have really saved a lot. 

If anyone could tell me where I could get the best deals, I would appreciate it. We are trying to save as much as we can, as we will be having two kids in daycare for the next two years.  I also don't have TONS of time to devote to this, and that's why I LOVE the KCL.  I haven't found a site as good as hers that explains the deals as cut and dry, and that's what I need.

Thanks for any help!

Re: Does anyone coupon?

  • Im interested to see what advice you get on this as I would also like to start getting more into coupons. I dont think Wegmans does many store coupons (I always stock up on toilet paper when coupons for the family sized pack come out) and it seems as if Tops does most things by their Bonus Card. I do know that Tops also has online to Bonus Card coupons where you dont have to have the paper coupon, it is just saved to the card. I havent tried that yet though. I will have to check out the Krazy Coupon Lady!

  • I wish I could learn how to. I have always wanted to get into it.

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