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Anyone have any experience with a toddler in a Montessori program? Or Montessori experience in any capacity?

When I return to work in January my parents will be taking LO. My mom is wonderful with kids and basically raised my nieces and nephew...however, both my and SO's parents are in their 70s (or will be shortly). There is a great Montessori program 10 minutes away from where I work with a toddler program (15 months and up) starting in September. I was considering enrolling LO the following September when she is 20 months.

I was just wondering if any of you have any experience with this type of a program for such a young child?

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    I've researched them, there are a couple in my area. I love the concept, but the execution is not always great. When looking at the one in your area, really try to get to know the director and teachers and their philosophies. Some of them can be really far out there for my taste. I love the concept of free choices, mixed age classrooms, and how it is not super structured though. 



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  • I agree with @ccip82‌ it's really about the center itself and their implementation of Montessori vs Montessori itself.

    If it's a great preschool/learning center then I don't think it truly matters of it's Montessori or a different learning atmosphere.

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  • There are some great books on Montessori style learning as well, if you want to talk to your family about it.

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  • Thank you for the feedback. I hadn't thought about philosophy/implementation and didn't realize that this could be an issue. Thank you for pointing that out @ccip82‌ and @mommy grams‌ . I will have to go in this year for a tour and see what they are actually doing in the classroom and see about getting to know the director and teachers a little bit. This will also be their first year with a toddler program so it will be interesting to try to connect with some parents later in the year to hear their thoughts/experiences.

    My cousin teaches Montessori at a private school nearby, but they don't take children until they are 2.5 and toilet trained.

    @daltosostarby‌ Thank you for the suggestion. I have researched it a lot but hadn't thought to have other family members read about it. If my mom is able to keep watching LO as she gets older having her learn about it will be a great idea!
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