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NBSR; announcement = gift?

You all have been pretty helpful in the past with NBSR things.

SIL was in her SS's life since he was 2. She had a good relationship with his mom most of the time. He's a sweet boy. We always got him bday gifts and Xmas gifts even if he weren't around, due to parental split.

SIL (DH's sis) has since split from his dad. We did not remain in touch. It happened over a year ago. Even before that, we saw less and less of him as he got his license and had a GF. I saw him maybe 3 times total in the 18 months leading up to their split, again, still got him bday and Xmas gifts regardless.

About 2 weeks ago, SIL texted DH asking for our address. He supplied it and a week later we got a graduation announcement from his mom. It was nice, had a pic of him playing his favorite sport, prom, senior portrait, and it said he had graduated a month before at the end of May.

DH thought nothing of it. I was of the opinion it was a solicitation for $ or a gift. I didn't expect to be invited to a party or the ceremony especially since there's a tumultuous divorce dragging on and his dad would obviously be there, but why send an announcement over a month after it happened? I wanted to send a card but they were cleared out way before we even got the announcement.

My GF immediately and without me hinting as to my opinion instantly said EW, they're basically saying "send us money." Is that what it sounds like? Would you send a card or gift? Honestly we can't afford a big amount right now as we are in escrow. I wouldn't mind sending something with a note but this just felt kinda awkward.

Re: NBSR; announcement = gift?

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  • Thanks girls!

    It was only the 5 week timeframe that kind of gave me pause. I'll have to find a blank or generic card for a congrats & $20. I like that idea.
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