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NPR: growing pains

My 2 yo DS has woken up early this morning with what I think is growing pains and I have zero pain meds to give him. We are currently out of town at my moms house and DS is supposed to be sleeping in his pack n play while I'm next to him on the couch. I usually don't have any trouble with him sleeping but tonight has proven to be especially difficult. Thankfully his nana came to the rescue and got him a cold drink and rubbed his legs until he passed out at the other end of the couch. I wish that I knew for sure that's what it was and that I could do something else for him. I feel awful when he's not feeling well. Here's to hopefully getting a little rest tonight.

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Re: NPR: growing pains

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    Hopefully you got some rest. Even if you had baby pain meds you probably wouldn't "know" that it was growing pains and if you are like me be worrying that there is something else there.

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    Eating a banana always helped me ; )
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