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Re-intro from a creepy lurker

So, as stated in the lurker thread, I intro'd back in May '13 when I got my BFP...contributed a handful of times and then got my butt kicked by nausea and couldn't look at a screen without getting sick. By the time I could tolerate the screen again I felt wierd jumping back in. So I just creepy lurked. Also being a FTM I didn't have any real advice to offer and all my questions were asked and answered by others...so no need to post. Thank you ladies!

Anyways, I'm 35 and SO is 47. We've been together 13 years. DD was born Jan 25 via ecs. We live in Canada (GTA). I am a high school teacher (IB English, French, math, art) with a master's in mathematics and language acquisition.

I'm a very private person IRL and my friends are either 30 somethings with no desire to ever have children (I used to model and many of these friends are from those days) or 30 somethings who finished having kids in their 20s (people I grew up with and work with). I no longer fit into either group.

Anyways, looking to interact with people in a similar place in life. I am very lonely these days. I've been hiding here from the start so am familiar with most of what has happened on here over the past year.

Please be my internet friend.
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Re: Re-intro from a creepy lurker

  • @hillarycwk125 yay! Birthday babby buddies! And I totally get it...babies=all of your time. I try to get on here when LO is napping in the ergo...like right now...
  • @sclover92 Thank you! I love seeing so many other LOs with the same bday!

    What was your origin due date? Mine was the 23rd..labour started on the 24th and she arrived on the 25th...so we were pretty close to ours.
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