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My House Smells Funny!

I've been having aversions to my house and it's so weird. We have to have the windows open all the time so there's air (good thing it's summer!). We were just at my parents' house for a week and then at SIL's for 3 days and their houses were fine. Hubby has told me our house doesn't smell any different. Anyone else having really strange, specific aversions?
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Re: My House Smells Funny!

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    Just yesterday I was going on a frenzy in my living room! My H came in and asked me what the problem was- the room smells like ass, that's what the problem is!

    It still does, but no one else can smell it :(



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    Everything in my house smells to me. DH thinks I'm nuts, but it smelled like a skunk died in front of our house last night.
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    Lol. My house smells too.
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    All the time. My house smells weird too and I can't figure out what it is. H thinks I'm crazy!

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    I'm having the same problem with the first level of my house. I had a carpet cleaner come and had my house cleaned. I figured out it's our's only six months old and I want to get rid of it.....grrrr!
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    I had a rental house that smelled the whole time I lived there. After I got pregnant, I could barely walk in the house without getting nauseated. I used plug ins, oil warmers and candles. We moved to our new home (yeah!) and then I smelled it again! It had permeated our couches, so I had to get special leather cleaner and now they smell nice. It wasn't us making the place smell: our handy man said that the place always had a funk to it and that it smelled the nicest while we were living there. My new house smells like flowers, thanks to MH who bought two bouquets!
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    My kitchen smells terrible for some reason. I cleaned like crazy yesterday and I still can't figure it out ...

    I had a small produce item (unidentifiable) that had fallen and hidden BEHIND the crisper and rotted into a dark liquid, I turned into a drug dog lookin for that one.
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    First my kitchen smelled so DH threw almost everything out and scrubbed everything down with bleach. Then the master bath smelled even after thorough cleaning. I even had a plumber come in to see if there was maybe something stinky stuck in a drain. Nothing. Neither he nor my husband smell anything but I literally can't go in without getting sick and now I think it's starting to make the master bedroom smell too.
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    I bought incense sticks. When I had nausea, the smell of the kitchen and bathroom killed me. I burned incense everywhere so I could at least be in control of the smell. Candles didn't work. Too flowery or sweet.
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