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Does sleep really beget sleep?

Do u find that your LO sleeps better at night if they sleep more during the day?

Re: Does sleep really beget sleep?

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  • I find this to be completely true. If LO gets in a couple of good naps (I mean, an hour or more) he sleeps MUCH better at night. If he takes small cat naps, there are several wake ups during the night.
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  • Not for us. I have a seriously crappy/sporadic napper! He tends to sleep well at night these days.

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  • I have a crappy sleeper and a crappy napper

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  • Nope. Crappy napper. Sleeping is hit or miss at night. Last night he only woke up once. The night before he woke up three times.
  • I don't know because we haven't had good sleep.  She naps for about 30 minutes at a time and wakes up 2-6 times per night.  We are on night 3 of sleep training.  I have hope that it will be better! 
  • It totally does for us. If he gets in a good solid nap (1+ hrs) I find he goes down for his next nap better and it's also usually another good solid nap, which then leads to a better nighttime.

    On the days when he has short restless naps (like today) going to bed is so much more difficult.

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  • I don't notice a difference. I have a crappy napper and a decent sleeper. Tonight is a rarity for her to be up for motn feed.
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  • I wouldn't say "more" sleep begets sleep. I would say that good, restorative sleep begets sleep.
  • I agree with it. Solid naps make for better night sleep here.
  • I wouldn't say "more" sleep begets sleep. I would say that good, restorative sleep begets sleep.

    Absolutely this.

    DS takes two naps a day. His last nap seems to be the most important one. Usually around 4:30 he will go down for his pre bedtime nap. If it is a shitty nap, bedtime sucks. Ds goes down for the night at 7pm and wakes one time. He's up for the day by 7am

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  • Somewhat. DD goes to sleep without any problems no matter how well she napped that day but wakes up at least once a night to eat. I do see a correlation between if she eats less during the day then she will wake up to eat more during the night. She's not a great napper though, she only sleeps for 30-45 minutes.
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    That isn't how it works in this house lol DD is a great night sleeper but not a good napper. I haven't seen any correlation with what kinds of napping she does with her night time sleep. The biggest predictor for us is her reflux.

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