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How do you tucker LO out?

DS is 5 months old. I work from home and he has a nanny who cares for him while I work. He sleeps on her for a couple hours while she is here and they dont get much playtime in as a result. He needs his naps (hes not a great napper in the crib) so I dont mind him sleeping on her all day but he is up a lot at night. I think he needs more stimulation or exercise during the day. Im not ready for the nanny to drive him anywhere, so what are some fun things u do with your LO at home to get him/her nice and tired? Thanks!!

Re: How do you tucker LO out?

  • I'm not sure where you live but in the south it is super hot. We have been playing in a little baby pool that is shaded. She splashes and kicks around like crazy and is always ready for a nap when we come in.
  • We go for walks.
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  • Jumperoo, playing on the floor and rolling, walks, standing in my lap, "flying" around the house

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    Yes playing on the floor tires DS out. He rolls all over the place and plays with his toys.
    I was going to say also not sure where u live but fresh air and being outside tires DS out. Is there a park your nanny can take your LO too? A lot of parks have baby swings.
    If he's not rolling yet u could do tummy time etc. anything with them using their muscles etc. seems to tire DS out. :). Jumperoo is a good investment also
  • All of the above...but to be honest my LO is ready for a nap after every 1.5 to 2 hours of awake time no matter what we do and falls asleep between 8:30 and 9:30pm every night.

    My LO went from STTN for the first 3 months to waking every hour at night for the next 2 and is now down to 2-3 MOTN wakings...for us the day time schedule made no difference. Often sleep would be worse on days we had a lot going on (likely over stimulation). I wouldn't worry about not getting enough stimulation. Baby's sleep will improve when he's ready.
  • We have tummy time, sitting up time with toys surrounding her, sing sounds, go on walks, throw the ball for the dog outside, she plays with toys in her high chair while I cook or clean, she lays on the bed as I fold laundry (I give different pieces of laundry to her to keep her entertained and to expose her to different textures), or we sit in front of the mirror and sing along to Pandora. 
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    I can't upload my picture, but I have a lightweight mirror leaning against the wall by her activity mat.  There is also a blanket on the floor with soft blocks stacked on it.  DD plays here everyday :) 
  • Ditto to trying to get outdoors! That always helps! We do a lot of jumperoo and floor time as well.

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  • r0zzr0zz member
    Bb girl plays on the floor and we have tummy time and practice whatever skill she's trying to develop next. Right now she's trying to perfect her crawling and standing up. And sometimes we let her walk around the house with us supporting her or in her walker.
  • I find DD gets more tired out if I can get her out of the house, although I don't do that every day. When we're at home: play mat or bouncy chair when I'm busy doing chores or want a break from holding her. She likes to stand (me holding her hands) or sit and play with toys. I play a tickle game with her, peek-a-boo, fly her around like an airplane. She likes to roll around on the floor. She's getting more into books although right now we only do a book before bedtime. Pretty simple stuff!
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