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Injured in Italy

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Hey all! So I've been in Italy for the past week (you've missed me so, haven't you, haha). Yesterday when leaving my hotel I stumbled and my ankle rolled and I fell with my knee catching all of my weight on a stone driveway. I have a 10 hour flight tomorrow morning and my knee is swollen and I have tendinitis in the opposite foot from putting all of my weight on it while insisting I can make it to the Colosseum. Any recommendations for how to deal?

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    Tynenol, ice pack, and keep it propped up. Then get to urgent care or your doctor to get it checked out (and maybe receive a boot or crutches).

    I did something similar a couple of years ago after Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy. Thankfully I was able to have a beer or Baileys to help.

    Oh..get wheelchair assistance at the airports.

    Edit -sorry to hear you injured yourself. Hope you feel better and keep us updated.

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    Oh my! I don't have any advice other than what was already given, but I hope you feel better soon! That sounds painful!

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    Rest, ice, compression, elevation. Can they accommodate you in a different seat on the airplane so you can keep it elevated? Also buy an ace wrap to wrap it to keep the swelling down and don't forget to walk around every 1-2 hours to circulate your blood on the flight. Ice 20 mins on 20 off.
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    Thanks for the advice ladies! Flight leaves in a few hours so we shall see!
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    That sounds lame-o, good luck!
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    Yuck! You've gotten great advice. Hope it doesn't hurt too much on the flight.
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    @ZoeyH14‌ - how was the flight back? How are the injuries?

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    Thanks for the concern ladies! Swelling went down slightly during the flights today, spent most of the time sleeping, the injuries were not bothering me that much. Got home after hauling my butt through customs and whatnot and swelling is back up. Some pain but nothing compared to what I had 48 hours ago. Thanks for the advice and support ladies!
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