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Small lump on head

My LO came with me to a personal doctors appointment today and while I was sitting in the waiting room with him on my lap I was rubbing his head and felt a lump on the lower part of his head, on the left hand side. Since I was in the perfect place to ask, I asked my doctor to take a look. He suggested that it was likely fluid build up, which he claimed was common and could be from sleeping on the same spot. He told me to try and prop him up on the opposite side if I could for sleeping and to keep an eye on it. He took measurements and checked out the rest of his head and didn't seem concerned. Wondering if anyone else has had anything like this. Of course my mind is wondering and I fear worse things. As I was rocking him tonight I noticed that it isn't even on the side that he generally lays on, though that spot does hit my arm when I feed him his bottle. Wondering if that could be it. My mind is racing with fears of it being something else. We have his 6 month appointment next Tuesday so I plan to get a second opinion then. Hopefully she can put my mind at ease and that changing positions will help the lump go down.

Re: Small lump on head

  • LO has a lump on his head too. I forgot to bring it up at his helmet appointment this week though. I will mention it next week and again at his 6 month check up.

    FX that everything is ok.
  • I noticed it too but forgot to mention it during a sick visit. I have an appt tomorrow so that he gets the other half of his shots so I'm going to mention it.
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    DD has one and I did for a long time. Little pea sized lumps that move under the skin. We were told that it is normal and will go away on its own (mine did).

  • There are some lymph nodes in that area (occipital). Could be that, especially if small.
  • Lumps and bumps are so subjective. Since your doctor wasn't concerned, measured and noted it, and gave advice, perhaps the best thing to do is follow that advice and not worry about others' experiences. Unless, of course, you have reason to question your pediatrician's judgment -- which would be a totally legitimate concern. (I actually don't fully trust my pediatrician and am considering a switch. So I know that it's a possibility.)
  • @peanutmuse‌ I totally agree with you, about following the doctors suggestions, I think my mind just started to wander since I had just noticed it in the doctors office and my thoughts raced to worse possible things. The doctor wasn't my usual doctor as she hard to get in to (1 female doctor in our town and many local towns don't have medical services so they come to ours so the waiting period is generally a couple weeks!) and I just went for a prescription refill so I went to another doctor who could see me that day. I think if it was my usual doctor I may have felt better about it. I have an appointment with my regular doctor at the beginning of August (she is also LO's appointed doctor) Our small town doesn't have many doctors and I absolutely love and trust mine so I will feel so much better once I see her. Since the doctor I had seen didn't have too much concern I will wait until my appointment with my doctor and ask more questions then if needed. Sorry if my response was very wordy! I also appreciate everyone's responses. Sometimes it just makes you feel better to talk about it, especially now that I have and feel much better about the situation and know it's likely nothing to worry about. Thanks again ladies! Hope everyone has a super weekend.
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