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Am I being too picky? Long...


Re: Am I being too picky? Long...

  • @Chelsea33833‌ So happy you found a place!!!! I'm in Charlotte and I love Asheville! I keep bugging SO to go for the weekend. I hope LO loves the DC!
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  • Yeah. I'd be upset too! I mean if she is not paying attention to what solids she's feeding id be scared she's mixing up bottles.
    How many children is she allowed to care for in your state? You said some days she has five plus yours? Thought most states are 4:1 ratio.
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  • @slmille4‌ I'm pretty positive that she had four little boys and one little girl including mine. I think she may have had one extra kid every once in awhile. She doesn't have any helpers, it's just her. It's so much less stress now that I know he will be safe and happy in this new place. The best part- I was planning on spending about $500 more than I already was because of the averages around here but this place is only $20 more a week. Amazing. He better not start biting kids and get kicked out... :)
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    I'm really glad you were able to find a new place you liked so quickly. That shit would have not flown with me either and I also consider myself laid back. 

    Good luck with the break-up. Tell her exactly why you are leaving and please, please, please leave a detailed review of her services somewhere so other parents can see it!



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  • @hillarycwk125‌ I can't really figure out what was up with the dog hair either. We have three dogs, one of which sheds like crazy but he doesn't have dog hair on him and has never eaten handfuls like I saw that day. I also do not put him on the floor without first sweeping, mopping and still putting a blanket down. Chewing on the rug isn't an option at my house. I just got home from work and am sitting down to call her/break up with her right now.
  • Good luck! Please update with her response!

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  • This makes me sad. I say go with your gut, if you don't love the daycare then shop around for some others. I think you should feel 100% comfortable with your daycare situation.
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