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Percentile charts

Are they just BS or what? I know the CDC recommends using WHO charts for the first two years and there's a difference for breastfed vs formula fed but then we looked online and found even more charts, each of which gave us drastically different numbers for the same data.

So why are these charts used so heavily and so much stake placed in percentiles?

Mostly I'm just bored and ranty and the board is slow.

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Re: Percentile charts

  • As a healthcare provider I really don't care what percentile they're at as long as they follow a growth curve and don't cross major percentile lines between well visits. I rely on them to give me a heads up when something is wrong, either nutritionally or metabolically.

    My cat can read EKGs, can your human do that?
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  • Similar to @MindyBadger1‌ My provider is more concerned about my children staying along their growth curve. If they were to "fall off" their curve then we 'd discuss where to go from there.

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  • My dr. tells me what percentile my children are in but doesn't put much emphasis on it because they always follow their growth curve.

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  • Agreed. I know DD's pedi mostly monitors the rate. She grew so fast so they monitor her rate more than the specific percentile. That's why she had to have a head scan just in case.
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