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Take two!

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Hey, I laughed. I know this was supposed to an article mainly about registries, but it talks a little bit about showers too and it's hilarious, so......


Re: Take two!

  • Let me know if the link works. I'm an idiot who screwed it up, like, a gazillion times. (At least that's what it feels like when I'm up in the middle night nursing the hungry wolverine)
  • What a great article! Definitely was a nice reminder. Growing up my mom always taught me "people are more important than THINGS"... I try to keep that in mind! I can't imagine writing "gift suggestions" on my kid's birthday party invitations! 
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  • It worked for me.  I loved the article, mostly because I agree with it. 

    The biggest offender in my life is my sister.  I'm to the point where I loathe getting together with her/her husband at Christmas. One particular year, I remember her asking for a cookie sheet with sides.  I found a nice non-stick one at Williams-Sonoma, paired it with a couple other things from there (cookie cutters and a nonstick spatula maybe?), and wrapped it altogether to make a nice gift.  I was in grad school (i.e. living off a small stipend and pretty poor), so the $40 I spent seemed appropriate and I thought she'd like it.  Oh, and I attached the gift receipt.  After Christmas, my little brother told me that my sister was telling everyone how cheap my gift was.  The next time I talked to her, I brought it up and said she could return it if she wanted and pick something else out without offending me.  She tried explaining how much she'd spent on my gift and that she had expected it to be more equal (let me tell you, there was no grace in that conversation), and was outraged when I told her that it was equal (she had been using Walmart prices in her mind) and insisted I'd be ripped off.  I told her again that she was welcome to return it and left it at that.  Fast forward a month or two, she had tried to return it, but since I had *only* given her the gift receipt, she could only exchange it for something else (vs. returning it for cash).  She couldn't find anything else that wasn't even more of a rip off, so she ended up keeping it.  She wanted me to know so that I'd give people the real receipt next time I shopped there (though I shouldn't since it's a huge rip off).  I was speechless.  Yep, walking ATM. 



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  • This was a great article, and for the most part I do agree with it. I don't think this gift grabby thing applies to everyone, but I have seen my fair share of it. 

    I knew a friend whose SIL registered for her daughter's 4th birthday! To make it even worse, she specifically requested guests pick gifts exclusively off this list. (My friend bought something else! ;) )
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  • I know someone who has post luck birthday parties for her kid and always includes birthday gift suggestions on the invite and her fb wall. We don't attend this parties anymore.
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