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LO's teeth

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Does your baby have any signs of teeth yet?

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Lo's teeth 136 votes

Baby has 3+ teeth so far
0% 0 votes
Baby has 2 teeth so far
13% 19 votes
Baby has 1 tooth so far
2% 4 votes
I can see the little tooth buds ready to pop through
25% 34 votes
No signs whatsoever at this point
53% 73 votes
My baby was born with teeth!
0% 0 votes
4% 6 votes

Re: LO's teeth

  • We have some pretty serious signs of teething, and 2 little buds on the bottom but no white showing up yet.  We've got drooling, chewing, diarrhea, crankiness definitely related to teething.   
    I was hoping she'd be faster then DD1 but it doesn't look like it. DD1 took 2 months to pop the first 2, and a long month for each set after that

    image  image

  • two bottom teeth that are in and third swollen spot on the bottom.  Daycare said today that they thought they saw a bud on the top too.  Maybe this is why she has decided to bite my nipples instead of eating nicely!

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  • km_mdkm_md member
    She's had buds on the bottom for what seems like forever and she's had days with lots of chewing and drooling and even a low grade fever but I think it will still be a while before we see a tooth.

  • So apparently I voted too soon. This evening my mother felt a tooth and sure enough a little sharp serrated edge of tooth is just poking through. I had no clue. Might explain some of our problems nursing the past several weeks but I still think that is more distraction than discomfort. I guess this would make us an anecdote on the side of teething symptoms being no different from JBBB. According to mom I didn't get my first tooth until 11 months. Gonna miss her toothless smile.
  • DS cut both of his bottom teeth. Poor kiddo has red, dry cheeks, low grade fever, is very clingy and has had trouble sleeping :( He's getting some relief from Tylenol and chilled teething toys, but mostly he's just wanting snuggles from momma :)
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