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No health insurance in PA - any advice???

I'm kinda freaking out because I'm 7 weeks pregnant and don't have any health insurance. I live in PA and went to the local Planned Parenthood to confirm my pregnancy hoping they could give me some sort of advice as to what to do next. Needless to say, they had very little info to offer. I read online about a "Healthy Beginnings" program that some hospitals offer and also an OB/GYN clinic nearby but I don't know where to start. 

I really want to schedule my first prenatal visit and get an ultrasound as soon as possible. I don't mind paying cash if I have to but money is very tight. Has anyone ever been through this before or have any advice to offer?

Please help if you can, thanks!

Re: No health insurance in PA - any advice???

  • If you're interested in going to the Birth Center, they offer "birthships" for people who cannot afford to otherwise pay for their delivery.  They fill up early though, so the sooner you contact them, the better.

    Like the PP said, you probably won't get an ultrasound until 20 weeks.  I had several early on, but that was only because I did IVF at a fertility clinic.  Once I transferred from the clinic to the Birth Center at 13 weeks, the only ultrasound I got was at 20 weeks.  
  • Thanks for the replies. I paid OOP for an ultrasound at a women's health clinic yesterday just to put my mind at ease. Got to see my baby's heartbeat - it was so exciting! Also got more info. and may try to sign up for medicaid next week. I'm just relieved to know everything's ok so far with our little one.

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  • I think that you can sign up for insurance at anytime. From what my insurance company said they can't deny you coverage you can start an insurance plan any month of the year and change ur plan if need be. I have HealthAmerica through Coventry One. They are very helpful With choosing your plan and going over options with you. They are kinda pricy though I am paying over 100 a month for coverage. I really love them though and dont have to pay to much OOP.
  • Pregnancy used to be considered a "preexisting condition" and as such insurance companies could refuse coverage. They are no longer "supposedly" allowed to do this so you might want to look into getting some type of coverage.
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