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So this is not baby related BUT does anyone know any good products for razor burn? I have very sensitive skin and nothing I have tried is helping. Help!


  • I'd also like to know. I seem to get it no matter what.

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  • Last night I used some hydrocortisone cream on an area of razor burn just below my c-section incision. It helped soothe it so that I could sleep and the bumps have gone way down since yesterday. (My c-section scar has been particularly itchy lately and the bumps did not help the situation. Boo.)
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  • I second bikini zone gel (and cream)! Also, try to use a fresh razor, only shave in the direction of the hair,  and put the after-shave cream on immediately after shaving, before bed, and the morning after. I have ridiculously sensitive skin, and this seems to make it less bumpy (but not totally bump free). 
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