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How was LO at the beach?

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How was LO at the beach? 116 votes

hated it all (sun, heat, sand, water)
0% 1 vote
just didn't like getting sandy
0% 1 vote
ok on the beach but didn't like the water
1% 2 votes
liked it all for a short (reasonable) period of time
17% 20 votes
Super beach lovin' baby! LO had a blast!
10% 12 votes
LO just slept the whole time
1% 2 votes
Haven't gone to the beach yet
47% 55 votes
4% 5 votes
just want to see answers
15% 18 votes

Re: How was LO at the beach?

  • We have a lake with a sandy beach down the street from us, so luckily we can come home very easily and quickly once she's had enough. We actually haven't put her in the sand yet, but she looooooves the water. The ocean up here in MA would be way too cold to bring her in in most spots, so for now we will avoid the oceanfront. 
  • Haven't taken her yet as the each is about 30 mins from home and it's been way too hot for a five month old. Once the humidity dies down a bit I hope to take her. She enjoys her kiddie pool.
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  • What does SS mean??
  • We don't have a beach. It takes a good 7 or 8 hours to get to one. All our lakes are rock.
  • SS. The opposite of one of your options, actually. Liked the water, not a sand fan. Also did not like the heat.
  • We're trying to get to the beach for at least a day before vacation, but if we don't we'll be heading to OBX on August 1st so I'll let you know!  I think she'll be fine though... she LOVED the pool this weekend.

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  • He loved watching the waves, but I didn't put him in the sand or the water. It was a little too sunny/bright for him.
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  • We went through the process of dragging a trunk full of chairs, blankets, umbrellas, etc. only to have her pitch a fit the minute we sat down.
    I think she was just tired and ill more so than hating the beach. But we ended up leaving 30 minutes later. We won't try baby on the beach again until next year. :)
  • Liked the sand, even ate some. But didn't like it in her eyes. And we didn't put her in the water because the water was way too cold.
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  • We took DD to the beach on 4th of July and she was ok with putting her feet in the water.After that, she crashed on our air mattress for an hour and left after she woke up.
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  • We have yet to go to the beach. We have gone to the pool once and she hated it.
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  • We just got home from the beach and babygirl loved it. She was more interested in the sand than the water, and yes, every chance she got she tried to get a handful in her mouth. But she had a blast and as soon as I calmed down and realized, hey, we're at the beach, she going to get sandy and dirty, I began to enjoy myself as well.

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