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I posted this in my BMB but thought you ladies may have some good input.

It's my 5th and my 2nd bio w/DH. He's adopting my 1st 3. I have a bad relationship with his only sibling, SIL, and do not want to have visitors in the hospital. Mainly I don't want her to come when nobody else is there, but I cannot make two sets of requests for everyone, so it's easier to say no visitors in the hospital.

DH and I are in escrow for our first home. It's 60 miles away from where we are now. It's brand spankin new, gorgeous, top of the line everything. We want to host a come on over and see our new digs party but only AFTER we have completely furnished it and put in a backyard. We are in northern CA so even February will have decent weather.

My question is this: with a MTB party that far from where the guests live, would a specific start and end time be considered rude? Of course people can arrive whenever they want, but I don't want people staying crazy late.

Also, this is a new concept to me, I've never had anyone in any of my social circles do this before and haven't attended one. How far after baby's birth would this happen? I should add it's my 5th c section. I generally make quick recoveries and physically feel spry within a week afterward.

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    @Darbie914‌ I should have added I'm not due until February. We move in September. It wouldn't be months after the birth, maybe 1 month after at most.

    I don't care so much about people being in the new house so much as wanting a home to have enough seating, etc to accommodate visitors. It's got a different layout where our current furniture will have to be replaced or upgraded. I don't see having the time (honestly, nor the $$) to do that right away after move in.

    ETA: DH and I are in law enforcement and work opposite schedules to accommodate child care. Baby leave will be the only time both of us are off. When one of us is working the other is on their weekend.
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