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He's here!

Malcolm Pierce was born at 4:10pm at Cedars on 6/29 at 41 weeks! 9lbs 2oz, 23 inches long, he's a beast! I got the natural unmedicated birth I wanted (holy crap, you guys), and had such an awesome L&D team. My nurse especially, but everyone in the labor room was effing fantastic. Malcolm is perfect, and we are sleep deprived, but happy. :) thought you girls would want to know! Sorry I've been MIA. :) Happy to answer any questions about my experience!
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  • Congrats! I've been waiting to hear news! Wow 9 pounds!! Yes - would love to hear more about your experience @Cedars since I know both myself and @reverey‌ are delivering there. I have the 2 part class and tour coming up next weekend. Hope you are enjoying every moment :)
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    Our L&D experience at Cedars was amazing we had just the BEST team. The nurses were awesome, it was fantastic. Postpartum was another story. They seemed to care a lot more about your level of pain than they did about whether or not you could care for an infant. They were in and out of your rooms super fast and... Ugh. We weren't happy. And the Lactation department? Don't even get me started. We had to demand to see a second one because the first was so bad, and when I had an issue at home, I called and they promised to get right back to me. This was four days ago and I they still haven't called. I had to get an emergency referral from our ped (who was wonderful, by the way) because Malcolm's weight is not where they want it.
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  • Good to know. I am going to make sure I ask a lot of questions on the tour. Did the baby stay with you the whole time in your room? Or in the nursery part time / at night? How long after birth did you fist try breast feeding? So proud of you! I'm sure you are doing great!!
  • Thanks @reverey‌ - I think I'm feeling ok so far. Between the first class I took and all my reading....plus we just interviewed our first pediatrician and they actually have a full time lactation consultant on staff. During the first newborn visit they do an automatic consult. So....TBD on whether I will need more than that!
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  • Congrats to you and your husband @slipkase‌! Glad your delivery went well, but sorry to hear about all the postpartum drama. I hope by now you have met with an LC that is helping. Can I ask who your Cedar's LC was? If you even care to remember at this point ;) oh and please post a photo when you can!
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