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What are your swim safety tips with baby?

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  • My baby safety swimming tips always wear sun screen, stay with baby at all times, and baby should wear a swim diaper.
  • I'm all about the survival swimming lessons for the kids!
  • Nicolewest25Nicolewest25 member
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    Always stay with your baby at all times, put on sunscreen about 30 minutes before being exposed to the sun, bring extra swim diapers, try not to stay under the sun during high heat times, and bring water and extra food for after swimming!
  • SPF bathing suits and hats!
  • Always stay with baby! I always have a hat to keep the sun off her face, spf, swim diapers and a warm towel. And don't forget a fun toy or two!
  • elakinelakin member
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    Always stick with baby and of course don't forget the sunscreen!!! A nice floppy hat - like the iplay works great and some fun water toys!
  • Swimming lessons - start them young!
  • We're doing swim lessons, staying in shallow water holding hands, and protecting skin and eyes.
  • Singing always helps and having some of his toy friends join on the fun!
  • Swim when it isn't the hottest time of day. Dog swim suit and always stay with baby.
  • Sun screen, always staying next to your child no matter what! Also SPF bathing suits and hats and water shoes (depending on where you are).
  • cnrobbcnrobb member
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    Take a baby swim class. Covers all your bases.
  • We will start swim lessons as soon as she is old enough. And we will always have an adult near a pool!
  • Proper SPF protection and ALWAYS stay with your baby.
  • Go to a mother baby swim class and learn all you can about safety. :)
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  • Sunscreen!
  • Swim safety tips: always stay close to baby, wear clothing protection like big hats and rash guards, and use sunblock.
  • Swimming lessons young!!
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