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Midwife/Obgyn near Chappaqua

Hi all,

We're moving to Chappaqua this Summer. I'm in my second trimester (second baby) and need to find a new practice and hospital to deliver at. I don't want to drive to White Plains for every appointment, so I'm looking for something more in our area.

- I am most interested in using a midwife this time around, but a "really nice, good" OBGYN is fine too.
- I will have a doula with me
- I'd like to stay within 15 minutes of Chappaqua if possible

I'd love to hear from anyone that has suggestions. Thanks.

Re: Midwife/Obgyn near Chappaqua

  • Just too offer another perspective, I use MKMG, and my OBGYN - Dr. Berck - was VERY good.  I agree that they do push epidurals, but I also found that they will completely respect your decision if you decide you do not want one. I do not have anything to say either way about their c-section rate because I have no experience with that.

    Definitely research and decide what is best for you, but I wouldn't rule MKMG/NWHC out completely because they have some of the top doctors working there (and IMHO you could do a lot worse).  
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  • I am delivering at NWH. The csection rate is high there because so many high risk pregnancies and older moms (both more likely to have sections) use that hospital. They also have a level III NICU unlike most hospitals in the area, which also attracts high risk pregnancies. Look behind statistics, there is usually a logical explanation...
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