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Do you let baby sleep with you? Why or why not?

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  • I don't plan on sleeping with my child to many risks of the child falling out of bed.
  • elefieelefie member
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    I do not plan on co-sleeping.  There will likely be a bed in the same room as us tho at first.
  • I don't plan on it! I'd much prefer them to have their own space.
  • I do not plan on letting baby sleep with us. We'll have a bassinet next to the bed until she's big enough for her crib. So much safer.
  • I do not let my baby sleep in my bed with me at night. However, he doesn't lay down for naps by himself during the day (he likes being held) and if I'm also in need of a nap, I'll lay him on my chest and I will lay down on the couch and nap with him. It's not the best sleep in the world for me because I'm always aware of his movements and make an effort to hold onto him the entire time, but some sleep is better than no sleep!
  • We do not plan on sleeping with the baby. I'm too worried that we will hurt the baby. I'm afraid I won't get the little amount of sleep I would. We plan on a something at arms reach
  • Baby falls asleep on us sometimes, but then gets transferred to the crib as soon as she is asleep.  I am a tummy sleeper so I could not sleep with a baby on me.
  • Kam321Kam321 member
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    I dont plan on co-sleeping out of fear of rolling on the baby or the baby suffocating in sheets. I plan on having a bassinet next to our bed for the first 6mths though.
  • We plan to have her sleep in her own crib in our bedroom.
  • We didnt at first but now that our baby is older we co sleep only at night. We love it and our daughter loves it. Just waking up to her sweet smile in the morning makes the entire day that much better.
  • Baby will not being sleeping with us. He/She will be in a bassinet next to the bed. I feel like my husband and I need to have one space of our own being our bed.
  • I do not plan on having my baby sleep in our bed. They will have their own. ;)
  • Every now & then when he was an infant, but for the most part, he sleeps better in his crib. He actually prefers his crib.
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  • I waited until my baby could move his head on his easily and then I let him sleep with me.  We both got more sleep and it was very nice to have the cuddle time.  I made sure no blankets/pillows were near him and held him, I felt that he was very safe.
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