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I feel like our nights have taken a step backwards

LO always slept swaddled until about 2 weeks ago when he all of a sudden was done with it and started to sleep with a sleep sack. When he was swaddled he woke up only once for a bottle, around 4am. Now he wakes up 2-3 times a night and needs a bottle to fall back asleep. I've tried just putting his soother back in, turning the mobile one etc but he fusses until a bottle and then when I give him one that always puts him back asleep within 10-15 minutes. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as going from 1 bottle to 3 MOTN bottles seems like we have taken several steps backwards. Also when he is up and I go to pick him up out of the crib he is totally sideways, feet and head touching then sides of crib, anyone else end up waking like that every single time? I'm thinking having the ability to squirm now that he is free has him ending up like this but you would think if he was sound asleep he wouldn't move that much. I'm interested to hear any suggestions to try!

Re: I feel like our nights have taken a step backwards

  • Sorry not much advice here as we sleep trained with ferber. But in regards to the squirming your LO does while sleeping, its totally normal. DD does wake up in the strangest places and its usually sideways with her feet up against the rail. But she likes it that way because banging on the rails is one of her favorite pastimes. I also don't hear her move while she sleeps, but I know she's doing it because I'll sometimes check her a few times after she's fallen asleep and she's in a new place every time without me hearing her. 
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    We have also regressed lately. I think it's just the 4 Month wakeful period but it's driving me crazy having her up 2-2 times when it uses to be once. I just keep hoping it will pass.
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  • We have regressed as well. He used to go to bed super easy and only wake up twice. Now he doesn't go to sleep without a fight and is up at least three times.
  • No advice. I'm just used to getting up around 1 and 4 now. I've tried just soothing her at the 1 wake up but she wants to eat. I figure this can't last forever and is just part of her growing up. She isn't more fussy during the day so she must be getting all the sleep she needs. So I don't worry about it. I just miss sleep!

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  • Yep, dealing with same thing. DS used to STTN like clockwork, 8-7, and now he's up at 3 and 6 and needs a bottle (usually, sometimes we can just get him to go back down without it) to go back down. Unfortunately, as most here told me when I asked if there was anything that could be done, there really isn't. Just gotta ride it out, ugh! I know it's hard, especially when it feels like a step back.

    You could try some sleep training methods (I myself am not comfortable yet with CIO/Ferber, thinking of trying it if we are still having issues a few months from now) or just making minor adjustments to see if it makes a difference, but accepting that it may not. I figure since we know he's capable of STTN, it has to come back eventually! (knock wood)
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  • I know it's not what you want to hear but I think you just have to scale back your expectations. Their brains are developing so much and they are learning so many new skills that what was normal a month ago no longer applies. I think it should settle down but I would expect more changes in the future. I hear 10 months is an especially wakeful period as well.
  • It makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one experiencing this, though I don't wish the lack of sleep on anyone. We had a few STTN's sporadically and was hoping we were getting close to more of those, not taking a few steps back. Getting up 2-3 times isn't the worst thing when I compare to getting up every 1-2 hours in the beginning but I am missing sleep and was feeling like I was doing something wrong. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences ladies, I wish you all a well rested night
    Fingers crossed :)
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