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Outdoor Pool Temp

Just curious what the water temperature is around in the pool when you take your LO's swimming? What would be the coldest you'd take them in? 

Re: Outdoor Pool Temp

  • It's around 80. That's probably as cool as he will tolerate it right now. Any colder and he would be upset.
  • I just dipped DD's feet in our relative's pool this weekend and she seemed to find it cold. It was 80. Just curious what other LO's were like in the pools.
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  • I would suggest immersing her body in it and allowing her to acclimate. The first 5 seconds he fusses a bit, then he's fine.
  • Our pool was 85 degrees when we took her in for the first time and she loved it.  I think 85 degrees is my tolerance threshold for her while she is this young.  Usually I won't even get in a pool unless it is at least 80.

    Lilypie - (75Jo)

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