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Happy July 1st!

Thank you to everyone that participated yesterday! Let’s keep the freebies going J

Today’s prize: Bellybuds Baby-Bump Sound System

For a chance to win, reply below and answer the question:

What is your favorite music to listen to with baby? (including pregnant mamas!)

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Good luck!




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  • The Beatles!
  • Yesterday I gave my bump a boys II men lesson!! :) 
  • We love R&B and Pop....we dance around the house all day to "Fancy" and then we mellow it out to Beyonce song Blue! :) 
  • The Lumineers! 
  • Does USA Soccer count?!
  • My husband and I love country music. I would love for my baby to be able to start listening to it too!
  • My daughter loves 80s music. Starts dancing the second a song comes on. The baby in my belly goes crazy for any music. 
  • Pittbull - dance party!!  I haven't technically tried this yet but think I may have to....
  • I pregnant and always listen to country music but my twins boys get extra active when a Brad Paisley song comes on, somehow they always know!
  • I listen to a lot of country music and my belly seems to like it too. But she also likes when I hear 90s music on my pandora station. Maybe its because I get excited because it brings back good memories and she rides my happy feelings? Either way it gets her moving. :-)
  • Unfortunately, I am not pregnant yet..still TTC, but my partner and I discussed all different types of music from classical to dubstep. I personally am aiming for dubstep (as it is one of my favorite genres of music) and the vibrations and low beats are awesome to helping babies fall asleep. When my nephew wont quiet down for a nap, I put some dubstep on low and he goes right to sleep...makes me smile every time. 
  • Country, singer/songwriter music and a little pop and hip hop so maybe he'll have some rhythm. :)
  • Instrumental music, helps us all relax

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    80s rock. Kid has to have some idea what we grew up listening too.
  • With my 2 year old daughter we listen to peanut butter jelly time and dance like maniacs! I am also pregnant and my baby loves when to listen to country music, i feel all kinds of dance moves from the inside <3
  • I love listening to hard rock.
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  • Christian or Country Music for us. :)
  • We love anything with a good dance beat so he starts dancing.  He starts off doing the "chicken wing" just moving his elbow up and down and then the feet start going!
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    Some good back in the day soca/reggae always brings a positive mood!
  • My son & I have had our "country music mornings" since we brought him home. :)
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  • Mumford and sons!
  • Jack White, The Killers, DMB
  • Bob Marley!!
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