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Apparently Penis is the New Black

My 6 month old has officially located his and it has become a constant source of fidgeting. I'm not going to lie, it's a bit awkward.

Re: Apparently Penis is the New Black

  • Wait until he's older. They are obsessed.
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  • DS touches it and laughs all. The. Time. So creepy! But you are not alone :)

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  • Just as creepy is when he gives me that special thanks mom smile while wiping him.
  • Jack "found" his ears two weeks ago and is frequently yanking, touching, smiling and looking amused by them. Multiple times since I've cringed, dreading the day he finds his penis. Sounds like the days are limited

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  • Yep, that's going on over here too. Whenever his diaper is off he goes for it, I'm always afraid he's gonna hurt himself. He's not exactly gentle. My daughter reaches down when her diaper is being changed too though so moms of girls aren't in the clear


  • My DS2 has been yanking on his penis for a couple months now. He waits with his hand next to his diaper when he is getting changed and the second it comes off he grabs it. DH cringes. DS1 will often just hold his over his clothes while sitting. Good times.
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