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Today my DD (16 months old) wouldn't go to sleep without her "baby". It's just a generic doll with plastic limbs and a head. If she is going to be sleeping with it (and she sleeps with me!) I would like something more soft and cuddly, any good baby doll suggestions? Something kind of realistic? Thanks!

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  • The Little Mommie brand dolls have vinyl limbs and cloth bodies! That was C's first doll. Her name is Baby, lol, and Baby went everywhere with C.

    But I got C her a American girl Bitty Twins at two because I couldn't wait to start the hype and excitement!
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  • Zubels are cute and soft...and they have characters like little red riding hood, or princesses, etc.
  • Thanks everyone. We went to a local toy store and got Baby Stella. I think it was a success, but there were lots of tears tonight because I also got her a baby doll stroller that she was obsessed with in the store and she wanted the stroller in bed with her. I'm ok with a doll in my bed, I'm not ok with a stroller. Oh what it must be like to be a 1 year old.
  • DS is OBSESSED with dd's toy stroller. He pushes it all around the house but throws a tantrum evrry time it won't do what he wants.

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  • Yeah, the stroller is a little more problematic than I thought it would be. I have to hide it a little while before nap and bed time to make sure she doesn't see it and have a meltdown because she can't take it into bed with her.
  • We got DD a plastic doll and stroller, as suggested by the pediatrician, to help DD get used to a "baby" before DD2 arrives. I think once she's older I'll get her a waldorf doll because I think they're adorable....but also expensive. It's definitely going to be a big treat when we decide she's old enough to have one.
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