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Gift wrapping -- need ideas please

Hello, I will be attending a good friend's baby shower this weekend and have already purchased the gift, but am looking for some creative ways to wrap/present it.  My gift includes a diaper bag and lots of diaper bag essentials (wipe holder, diaper cream, snack cups, pacifier, onesies, travel first aid kit).....kind of a "On-the-go kit". 

I thought of wrapping each item separately in tissue paper and putting them inside the diaper bag, with the diaper bag in a gift bag.  OR wrapping each item separately and putting each one and the diaper bag in a large box.  Do you prefer either, or have a more creative suggestion? 

thanks in advance :)

Re: Gift wrapping -- need ideas please

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  • ChrisBChrisB member
    I received this as a gift for my shower. She place everything inside the diaper bag and then cellophane wrapped the diaper bag. Loved it!
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  • VOR said:
    DON'T wrap them individually. For the love of time and all the other guests. Please don't do this. It takes FOREVER to open gifts like this.

    this for sure.
    This was exactly what I was thinking too!! 
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  • I just gave a very similar gift to a friend for her shower. I just stuffed the diaper bag with the gifts and put tissue paper in it just like you would a regular gift bag. It turned out so cute! I walked into the shower and received 3 compliments on the gift before I was able to put it at the gift table.
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