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Losing symptoms at week 12

I have almost lost most of my symptoms from the early weeks of first trimester. All that remains are headaches, dizziness and sometimes heartburn. Feeling a little scared reading about missed miscarriage or what not when I tried to look for losing symptoms during week 12  8-|. Keeping my fingers crossed for my NTS and u/s coming up this Thursday.
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Re: Losing symptoms at week 12

  • Sounds normal to me. Many times symptoms will let up at the end of the first trimester/into the second trimester.
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  • Like PP said, after the first trimester most people notice a decrease in symptoms. Pretty much any pregnancy "week-by-week" what to expect type list will tell you that you'll probably be noticing your symptoms let up this week or in the near future (if you want to read something to make you feel better). 

    I doubt it's anything to worry about.

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  • Mine let up between weeks 13 and 14 with DD. I'd love it if they disappeared at week 12 this time. As PPs said, it's a pretty common occurrence for symptoms to dissipate as 1st tri comes to a close, so try not to worry about it. Enjoy!
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  • pray67pray67 member
    Thanks all! Really reassuring to hear that. I will try not to worry and enjoy this time! :)
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  • You have gotten great advice from PPs. It's difficult to remain calm when appts are 4 weeks apart and you haven't felt the baby move. As others have said, with the placenta starting to take over, some symptoms lessen. Try to enjoy your decreasing symptoms for now :)

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  • Ive been starting to feel better this last week myself.  I am so relieved because I was really really miserable there for a few weeks.
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  • I'm in the same boat as you, m/s is pretty much gone, but I still have terrible headaches off and on. Last week, and this weekend, I had a couple days with NO symptoms. My first pregnancy, I had no symptoms at all except for sore boobs, but this one id totally different. And my first u/s isn't till next Tuesday....I cannot wait! Good luck with yours!!!
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  • Pips09Pips09 member
    It's pretty common to feel better in second tri. It's usually the best trimester of the pregnancy.
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  • Very normal to loose symptoms around this time. 2nd tri is typically when you feel your best.
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  • With E I lost all mine at 10 weeks, this time I am finally starting to feel better. I am still really tired but I think that is more of a combindation of a being busy at work and having a toddler! I think its totally normal and even if you read the bump 12 week they say you should "probably" start feeling better but will likely be dizzy and have headaches! 
  • Very normal

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  • Mine have lessened too but then maybe one day a week or so I feel crap again and MS returns.
    Now to get rid of this extreme exhaustion and the headaches would be lovely. Oh and eating every 2 hrs is a drag!
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  • pray67pray67 member
    Oh tell me about eating every 2 hrs. I cannot wait to eat again. Especially afternoons.
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  • I lost pretty much all my symptoms at week 11. I'm just starving now with headaches and sore boobs. Had a 13w US yesterday and everything looked great. Don't stress so much :)
  • Enjoy it!  I've lost several of mine, too.  It's been great!  I know it can be nerve wracking, though.
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  • mc0113mc0113 member
    I said the same thing at 12 weeks then week 13 was the worst week yet! I vomited more times in week 13 than I did in the 12 weeks before.
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  • I couldn't believe it when my nausea simply SWITCHED OFF at the 12 week mark...and wet had our optional testing/ultrasound a few days later and all was well (we saw baby bounce with the hiccups!) - she said it was totally normal to be feeling, well, normal at this point and no cause for concern!
  • My nausea has actually gotten worse over the last few days. I'm 11 weeks 4 days. I thought it was supposed to get better towards the end of the 1st trimester.
  • My OB said that 10 weeks is usually about the peak.  I'd say that I'm starting to feel better (11w5d) - I actually cleaned the house a bit today (though balance that against sleeping until 3pm).

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  • I feel like my symptoms switched to headaches and dizziness around week 9 - I've been worried ever since, so I hear your concern. I'm looking forward to my nt scan next week too just to see the little bean!
  • I'll be 14 weeks tomorrow and mine have definitely let up a lot. But I still get nausea atleast once a day so I'm not worried about anything.
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  • pray67pray67 member
    Just an update: Feeling much better. I have no symptoms except occasional headache and fatigue. But went to my NT scan last week and the baby looked just fine! Thanks all!
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  • Yay for a good update!

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  • I am worried because my boobs stopped hurting and my areolas are getting lighter and my stomach seems to be smaller.  Are these symptoms part of the normal fading symptoms at 12 weeks and beyond?  I sure hope so.
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