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Intro and Question **living child mentioned**

**living child mentioned** 

 Hello ladies, 

 I have been casually lurking since March following my first miscarriage, so I'm going to do my best to be mindful of the rules. Sorry for the length. My name is April and have been married to my awesome husband for 2 years. We got pregnant with our first child fairly quickly after our wedding. We had a very uneventful pregnancy and had a big healthy boy in April of 2013. 

We surprisingly got pregnant again in December of 2013. I spotted a little bit short of 7w and an u/s showed a baby with a heartbeat but was closer to 5-5.5 weeks. While the doc was sure my dates were off, I was confident on my ovulation date as I track my bbt. I was hesitant until I heard my LOs heartbeat on a home doppler at 9 weeks. I heard it every day until 11 weeks and then nothing. I tried to convince myself that my uterus had tilted or the placenta moved and that's why I didn't hear anything. I went in for my OB appointment at 12w5d and an u/s confirmed that our baby stopped growing at 11w0d. I was put on Misoprostol that night and had a d&c the following morning.  Our doc said we were good to try after my first cycle.

Fast forward to June (3rd cycle following my d&c) and I found out we were pregnant again. Unfortunately, I started bleeding and I lost the baby at 5w3d. Of course my normal OB has been on vacation for the last few weeks and had no idea I was even pregnant, much less that I lost another baby. He returns on Monday (tomorrow) and I need to contact the office and tell him what happened so I can see a course of action before TTC again. 

The thought of TTC this time is terrifying to me but my fear is not going to stop me (just yet) from trying. I look forward to having a new support system through this journey and hope that I can also be of some support to you ladies as well.

Now here's my question: (If you've made it this far, you get a cookie) Has anyone's course of action or testing changed after two losses or does it always have to be three? Any questions that I really should ask my doctor? I feel like I have lots of questions, but all my thoughts are so jumbled. Tia!
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    Welcome, I'm sorry for your losses.

    I think many doctors are now looking into things after 2 losses but not all are. No harm in asking though.

    "Love is what makes pain bearable." - I love you my Angels. 
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    rslh10rslh10 member
    Hi, welcome to the board. I'm so sorry for your losses. I hope that some ladies here can give you the answers you're looking for. Big hugs your way! <3
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    Welcome and I'm sorry for your losses. My OB did some testing after my first loss and is now doing full repeat loss testing after my second loss.  I've had one successful pregnancy as well and then the two losses in a row.  Both of my losses were 2nd tri and I'd done Panorama testing with both pregnancies with clear results, so I do think that influenced things. I think it's going to depend on your OB, but I do think doctors are more likely to take action after 2 losses instead of 3 these days.  Good luck.

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    BFP #3- 3/14; EDD- 11/28/14; Lost DD at 15 weeks (6/7/14)- cause unknown

    To my angels- I held you every second of your lives and I'll love you every second of mine.


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    I'm sorry for your losses. I think it really depends on your doctor. My OB said unless there are several signs that point to a problem, she absolutely won't do testing until after 3. It can't hurt to ask though! FX that you can get things figured out sooner rather than later! Welcome to the board!
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    So sorry for your loss. My OB had said they would test after 2 losses as that is the standard in their practice. I suppose it depends on the doctor and the situation, but it certainly would not hurt to ask. Welcome to the board.
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    I'm sorry for your losses. I'd compile a list of questions and concerns & call your provider. Every woman is different & every office has different protocols. Trust your instincts and ask every question you want to ask. ((Hugs))
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    I'm so sorry for your losses. Welcome to the board! I hope you and your OB can come up with a good plan.
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    Welcome to the board. I am so sorry to hear about your losses.  

    I hope you and your OB can give you the answers you need!

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    I just wanna say sorry for your losses. and ::HUGS::  I hope you find some answers with  your OB.

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    Diagnosed with PCOS, Hypothyroid,IBD/UC, (UC in remission as of July 2014)
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    So sorry for your losses. I have had two back to back losses after a successful pregnancy as well. My doc is planning to check for clotting and thyroid issues and do some basic bloodwork on both me and DH. I'm still waiting for negative betas, so we haven't started anything yet. Big hugs, lady.
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    I'm so sorry for your losses. I hope your OB can help to answer all of your questions. I agree that you should write down a list of questions and ask all of them. I know I always forget at least one question when I go. GL!
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    I'm so sorry for your losses.  I just had my second loss and my OB is planning on doing some testing.  In the blog at the top of the page their is a posting on types of testing you could have done.  I would suggest reading that in order to help get your questions together and asks your doctor about doing the tests.  It never hurts to ask, the worse thing is they will say no and have a reason why.  Remember to advocate for yourself and don't just wait for your doctor to suggest the next steps, ask as many questions as you want.  ((Hugs)) 
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    Km380Km380 member
    I'm sorry for your losses. I had 2 losses last year and my ob told us he'd refer us to an RE if wanted. We took it and had all the testing done. It's definitely worth asking your OB. ((Hugs))

    PgAL welcome

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    Diagnosis: unexplained RPL, unexplained IF.

    Also have hypothyroidism

    Started TTC again 12/2013


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    IUI #2:Letrozole CD 3 - 7, Follistim CD 9, Trigger CD 10, IUI CD12. BFN

    Current plan: IVF with PGD. Antagonist - Vivelle Protocal. Stim start 12/1. ER 12/14.

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    I'm so, so sorry for your losses. Welcome to the board.
    Married April 9, 2011
    TTC since October 2011
    Me 34, DH 40

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    MrsZkoMrsZko member
    I'm so sorry for your losses... I've only had this loss but my doctor told me he'd get me in for more ultrasounds, and regular doppler checks. No specific testing, other than the regular blood work. I hope your OB can plan something out for you that will ease your mind for the next pregnancy....
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    I am so sorry for your loss, welcome to the board. 
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    tlc35tlc35 member
    I'm sorry for your losses.  Welcome to the board.
    Me: 37                                               
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    Saw heartbeat 12/29.  Please be a rainbow.
    All welcome                                   
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    Welcome to the board. I think that it depends on your doctor. Mine said that she wouldn't do it unless I had three losses, I hope you get the answers you're looking for though. ((Hugs))
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    10/2011: Clomid 100mg, IUI --> BFN

    04/13: Clomid, IUI BFP --> MC at 6w1d
    05/13: Femara 2.5mg, IUI --> BFN  , 08/13: Femara 2.5mg --> BFN
    03/14: Femara 5mg, IUI --> 1 follicle @ 27d --> BFP! EDD 12/02/14--> blighted ovum, missed MC 6w6d --> D&C
    4/23: D&C...starting over again, with a little part of my heart broken off
    5/31: Femara 7.5mg --> cancelled cycle, no follies
    7/14: Femara 5mg + brevelle + menopur + IUI --> converted to IVF, ER 7/28 --> ET cancelled due to severe OHSS.
    9/20/14:  Frozen Embryo Transfer --> BFP--> EDD 6/6/15 --> MC at 5w3d 
    10/16/14: Frozen Embryo Transfer --> BFN
    2/6/15: Frozen Embryo Transfer --> BFP --> MC at 5w4d
    3/20/16: PGS-tested Frozen Embryo Transfer --> BFP, Living Child born 12/1/15
    6/6/17: Fresh IVF Cycle --> Severe OHSS, 5 PGS-tested embryos frozen
    2/23/18: PGS-tested FET --> BFN
    3/30/18: Cancelled cycle due to lining 4.2mm
    6/21/18: PGS-tested FET --> BFN
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    Thanks for the welcome ladies and for the info about the blog. I'll try to find it. I called my OBs office only to find out he's still on vacation for another week. Turns out I need to wait another week before I even get to find anything out for a future plan.
    "As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen." ~Winnie the Pooh
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    MBJuneMBJune member
    I am so sorry for your losses. Welcome to the board. I'm sorry you have to wait another week to find anything out.

    Dx: PCOS/Unexplained
    July '13 - Mar '14 - Letrozole and TI - BFN
    April '14 - HSG - All clear - Letrozole, Trigger and IUI - BFP
    May '14 - Miscarriage 5w 3d
    July '14 - Letrozole, Trigger and IUI - BFN

    Aug '14 - Letrozole, Trigger and IUI - BFN

    Sept '14 - Letrozole, Trigger and IUI - BFP

    Beta 1 - 87  Beta 2 - 193  Beta 3 - 441
    SA - All good
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    O2girlO2girl member
    Welcome to the board. I'm sorry for your loss. As far as the testing..... I see an RE so I think it may be different criteria for testing or maybe it's because I lost 4 babies in two pregnancies but my RE did testing after two pregnancy losses and when I changed to a new RE I got re-tested.
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    4/19/14 ~ baby A became an angel
    5/02/14 ~ baby B became an angel
    5/3/14 ~ D&C
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    October 13, 2014 ~ BFN
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    No advice to offer. Just wanted to say sorry for your losses.
    BFP #1 - 12/7/2012 - EDD 8/14/2013 - DD born 8/17/2013
    BFP #2 - 3/31/2014 - EDD 12/6/2014 - Natural miscarriage on 4/28/2014
    BFP #3 - 8/4/2014 - EDD 4/12/2015 - Chemical Pregnancy discovered on 8/13/2014


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    Welcome! Sorry for your losses. I hope you get answers soon!
    DS1 born 4/17/11
    DS2 born 2/22/13
    MMC 5/16/14@8w2d
    DD due 5/9/15 Please be our

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