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Sorry for all the cheer posts...I don't have any sane people to talk to.

I found out last night that one of my girls was hospitalized with a blockage in one of the arteries leading from her heart to her lungs. She's in serious condition with no timetable for return.

State law says we are required to have a medical clearance for every athlete at the start of tryouts; however, because cheerleading starts so early in the year (April/May) and physicals for the regular 2014-2015 season aren't due until July 1, our athletic director has told us not to collect them until then, in large part so those in low income situations can take advantage of the "low-cost" ($75) clinic given by the school. So, we have gone three months of tryouts and practices with no medical clearance for most of our kids - including this one.

The high for tomorrow is forecasted for 101. The same AD did not process our facility request for a indoor, air-conditioned space, so we have been practicing outside.  It's been fine so far; our usual weather runs 75-85 degrees.  In light of this girl and the fact that our kids are not accustomed to working out in such high heat, I want to cancel my practice. The way I see it, it's a legal issue if one of them has a medical issue due to the heat (or anything else), and it's my ass on the line if something happens. The Frosh coach has already cancelled hers due to most of her team being on vacation, but the director is pushing for me to keep my practice.  She said she would take it if I didn't feel well enough to run it (and I don't, given a cold, UTI, and being pregnant, plus DS is sick), but I still think the legal responsibility would fall on me. 

Do I hold my line? I think it's dangerous and irresponsible for one stupid practice.  Or do I just let her do it and if anything happens, try to say that I refused to take my team out and it was her decision? I don't even know if I can make the call over her, but I am the head coach of my team, and not an assistant of hers. I think I should be able to make the best decision I see fit for my kids.

Ugh...quitting looks better and better every day. TIA!

ETA: If you have legal experience, who would this fall on anyway?  Me, for being the direct coach?  The director?  The AD for permitting us to waive the clearance for three months?

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  • I would not have practice in 101 degree weather. That's crazy!!!

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  • fishes said:
    I don't have any legal experience, but I think you should go with your gut and brain. If the AD keeps pushing for you to stick with it, can you push back for the indoor/AC space?
    He's on vacation in Hawaii until next week. I requested the space two months ago.

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  • Outside is insane. Cancel for heat extremes, but tell your AD that you'll schedule a make up practice later. No one should be outside working out in temps like that, it's not healthy or safe. Especially if you have a student with health problems!

    My air conditioned gymnastics center would move practices to early morning and late afternoon when our summer temps hit the upper 90s. Yes, our building was ac, but it was a giant metal box, it never got really cool inside. If the temp inside hit 85, practice was moved earlier or later. If the temp inside hit 95+, it was canceled.
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  • Cancel. If there's anything non-physical or less physical y'all can do, just shorten it and do that. Otherwise, cancel.

    101 is too hot to be practicing without medical clearance. 


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