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Are you stressing too much?

I think I am. I have a gorgeous baby boy, just barely over two weeks old. I had a c-section but have felt great, not really uncomfortable or in pain. And my boy is great, during the day, sleeps between feeding, sometimes for so long that I have to wake him for a 3 hour feeding. He seems to eat well (breastfeeding only) latched well and seems to be full. But at night he's often a mess, waking frequently and staying awake between feedings (sometimes fussing sometimes just hanging out). I'm trying to keep it dark and quiet at night and loud and light during the day but so far it hasn't helped. I'm reading everything and worried about everything (I'm not swaddling - because he doesn't seem to like it and the warm weather, no pacifier, not much of a bedtime routine, him fallig asleep on the boob). Is it all in my head? My husband says it's too early to worry about all of this and I just need to wait it out a few more weeks. Am I being to hard on myself and my boy?

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    Mine was like this for the first two weeks or so, I think he had his nights and days mixed up. I made sure to expose him to lots of natural day light during the day and keep things dark at night and not speak to him. He sleeps so amazingly during the day as well.

    He also had trouble sleeping at night due to gas, we started him on biogaia probiotics and that has helped a lot.

    Edit: A lot of the websites I've read say it can take up to 6 weeks for them to start to know the difference between night and day so be patient :) Swaddling him and letting him sleep in the swing at night has also helped as well, we get a four hour stretch and then two three's and he falls back asleep much easier. He hates being swaddled but once he's in he calms down quickly.
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    Everything you described is totally normal. At 2 weeks, baby is still getting used to being outside of you. Like PP said, 6-8 weeks is usually when babies start to stretch out the sleeping at night and more awake during the day.

     With DS we started working on sleep training around week 3 and by week 8 he was STTN. DD is 10 days old so right now we're still following her cues for eating and sleeping and it all sounds similar to what you're describing. I will say don't give up on swaddling yet. It may seem like they don't like it, but I've found with both of mine, they may fuss a bit as I swaddle them and for a few seconds after, but they settle down pretty quickly and I truly believe it helps keep them asleep longer because they can't wake themself up when the have a sudden movement while sleeping. I don't swaddle during the day (until we start sleep training and having set nap times) to help encourage the difference between night and day too.
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  • Swaddle! And try out a white noise machine. DS wakes 3-4 times a night with no white noise machine. 0-1 time a night with it. The theory is that the world is too quiet, not too loud, for new babies bc the womb has noise louder than a vacuum cleaner constantly. So the quiet is disconcerting to babies. DD never needed one, but DS is so comforted by it! Oh, and establish a routine! It really helps.
  • Thanks, I'm going to try using these ideas - I'm just worried he'll be too warm if he's swaddled since it's already so warm out and we don't have AC. The fans keep it cool enough but I worry about him over heating.
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    Like the pp said, your LO has his days and nights mixed up. Someone gave me a piece of advice, "sleep when they sleep". I came to find out this is why. Sometimes we are up so much at night as moms, we have to nap during the day. It will get better mama. Keep enjoying your sweet LO, congratulations! Hugs!
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